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Stranger Things Halloween Costumes

Scoops Ahoy Costume Kit - Stranger Things
Lucas Funko Pop Figure - Stranger Things
  • 2 for $15

Will the Wise Funko Pop Figure - Stranger Things
  • 2 for $15

Max Funko Pop Figure - Stranger Things
  • 2 for $15

Friends Don't Lie Mug - Stranger Things
Joyce Axe - Stranger Things
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Stranger Things Costumes

Calling all Sci-Fi fans! If you want to make your Halloween feel like you stepped right out of the 1980s, we’ve got the perfect Stranger Things Halloween costumes for you! From Will and Joyce Byers to Eleven and Barb… We’ve got it all! Our officially licensed Stranger Things costumes are authentically designed, so you’ll look exactly like your favorite Netflix characters. Check out all of our awesome Tv, Movie & Gaming costumes now!

Eleven Costumes

Escape the crazy scientists this Halloween when you dress up as the infamous Eleven! Our Eleven costumes will have you feeling like you can crush brains and eat all the waffles in the world. Engage those psychokinetic abilities and take on Halloween in a kid’s Eleven costume or an adult Eleven costume.

Dustin Costumes

Are you the most level-headed out of your friends? If so, dressing up in a Dustin costume is your best bet! Everyone needs a friend like Dustin, and with our Stranger Things Halloween costumes, you’ll be sure to fit the mold. With a green Waupaca t shirt and his signature trucker hat, you’ll be ready to destroy every supernatural occurrence head-on!

Joyce Byers Costumes

If you are willing to do absolutely everything to find your son, we have got the perfect Joyce Byers costume for you. Who cares if everyone thinks you’re crazy? You’re the one that can communicate with the Upside Down, and they’re all probably jealous!

Jim Hopper Costumes

Hawkins, Indiana needs you to help solve all of the strange things that are going on! Report to duty in a Stranger Things costume that will have you looking just the office Jim Hopper! Joyce and Will are counting on you.

Stranger Things Decorations

Do you want to turn your home into the Upside Down, or have it look just like Joyce Byers living room? Spirit Halloween has all the Stranger Things decorations you’ll need to do so! From the alphabet tapestry to the signature Christmas lights, you’ll be able to take your home from 2019 to 1980 instantly! Add the Stranger Things phone for even more authenticity, and let your friends and family keep an eye out for the Demogorgon at your next party. If you want to collect all of your favorite Stranger Things characters, check out our Dorbz figures and put them all on display! We can guarantee that Spirit Halloween is your one-stop shop for all things strange.

Whether you need adult Stranger Things costumes or kids Stranger Things costumes, you’ve come to the right place! Start shopping our amazing collection, and get ready for a Halloween night that is sure to be the best one yet.