Pirate Halloween Costumes

            Yo ho, yo ho! Set sail and search for the buried treasure while dressed as the most fashionable pirate in all the seven seas with one of Spirit Halloween’s pirate costumes. Going to your Halloween party alone? You’ll be the best looking wench there is. Taking your kids out trick-or-treating? Slip on a pirate captain Halloween costume and show them that you’re the real leader of the ship. If they misbehave, just make ‘em walk the plank in their own kids pirate costume. After all, a pirate’s life is totally for you! As a wench, you may not be the one steering the ship towards the treasured gold, but no one would be able to get there without your help! All hands on deck! Fend off all of the other pirates going after the same booty with the help of your trusty sword and slick style. And if worse comes to worse, don’t just walk the plank. Slay it.

            X marks the spot on these pirate captain Halloween costumes! Order your crew to run a shot across the bow as a warning to the others trying to steal ye booty. Whether you’re a young lass or a seasoned sea dog, you’d look perfect in one of Spirit Halloween’s adult pirate costumes. The only question is whether or not you’d want to channel your inner Captain Jack Sparrow and be the comic relief to every serious pirate situation or if you’d connect more as a Captain Hector Barbossa by playing the villainous undead pirate. You can take any one of our pirate captain Halloween costumes and zombify it by wearing a little bit of ghost makeup or a full zombie mask. Don’t just wear a pirate Halloween costume; make it your own. Everyone will want to batten down the hatches when they see your ready to storm their ship!

            Kids Pirate Costumes

            Boys and girls of all ages will love getting ready to take over the high seas in our kids pirate costumes. These range from an exciting First Mate pirate costume complete with elaborate dress, bandana, and vest to a pirate captain costume with a hat adorned with a skull and crossbones and an eye patch to show you mean business! Add an accessory like a pirate sword, hat or pistol to complete your lad or lassie’s look. Or they can mix things up with our pirate treasure chest candy catcher costume, which will make you the most popular this Halloween, and give you somewhere to store your loot.

            If you want to look ready to plunder, say aye aye to our pirate Halloween costumes and get ready to take all the candy!