80s Halloween Costumes

            You have to hand it to a decade that can be instantly pegged with a hairstyle. The 1980s produced two classics that are sure to make everyone smile: the mullet, the classic short in front, long in the back look of many an 80s rocker, and the teased hair of the women from those classic music videos. We’ve got 1980s wigs so you can instantly attain this classic hair band look, no hairspray required! Pop culture lovers can also dress up to look straight out of this fun decade by dressing up as their favorite Stranger Things characters. Dance your way into everyone’s hearts when you make neon part of your bad to the bone 80s outfit. Let your friends know there’s nothing muted about you when you bounce into the room in neon pink leggings, a neon green crop top, leg warmers and a side ponytail (remember those?). Add lightning bolt earrings and the brightest eye shadow they’ve ever seen to complete this retro image and you’ll be ready to party hardy.

            80s Costume Ideas

            If you’re looking for 80s costume ideas, think big! Yes, the bigger the better, when it comes to hair, voices, and style. Forget basic—the 1980s were about being loud and commanding attention with every move. Why wear one bracelet when ten will do? And forget pastels—you want to go big and bold with the brightest fluorescent colors you can find. Spirit has you covered with leotards, crop tops and leggings that scream “look at me!” Leg warmers are definitely a product of this popular decade, so whether you wear them with your workout gear or add them under a cute skirt, everyone will know what era you’re repping. Don’t forget to match your neon makeup to your clothes, with dazzling eye shadow that will immediately peg you as a child of the 80s. For a DIY 80s costume, slap on a mullet or giant hair wig, add some guyliner or neon makeup and you’re all set. If you or your parents have any retro 1980s clothes to spare (think classic band tees!), you can mix and match for the perfect wicked cool look. Add geometric earrings and necklace for the perfect 80s jewelry to complete your look. Or add a punk edge with a spiked choker.

            If you have any questions about our 80s costumes and accessories, please contact the costume experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you with your questions about size, fit, material, color and other aspects of dressing up as this popular historical costume. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.