Steampunk Outfits

            From Halloween to cosplay, steampunk is rapidly becoming popular in art, fashion, and media. For those of you who don’t know, steampunk is a unique mixture of vintage, 1880s style and old-yet-modern technology (which is powered by steam) to create a look that’s unlike any other. While it’s been around for quite a while, it’s definitely soared in popularity over the last some odd years after being seen in everything from movies and musicals to novels and fashion trends. And once this happened, it didn’t take long for this Victorian-meets-post-apocalyptic trend to trickle into the world of mainstream fashion and media.

            So, are you ready to dive into the world of steampunk and all that it has to offer? Then the wait is over! Here at Spirit, we’ve got everything you need to rock your very own steampunk style, no matter the occasion. And with such a wide selection, you’ll feel confident knowing you can customize your costume to create a unique style that will have you standing out from the crowd. From full costumes to mix-and-match styles and accessories, you’ll be able to find or create a look that’s perfect for you! And for a quick breakdown of our steampunk styles, how to wear them, and where to wear them, all you have to do is keep reading below. Who knows? You might learn something you hadn’t known before—and you may very well be just a few clicks away from getting a brand new, totally awesome Victorian steampunk fashion costume!

            Choosing Your Steampunk Costume

            Because most steampunk-themed stories are either set in the reimagined past or dystopian-like future, steampunk often has an earthy-yet-otherworldly quality. Metallic gears and clock cogs are typically used to accent clothing, and velvety, leather-like material is not only an accurate depiction, it’s also durable and lightweight. And because steampunk has such distinct features, you’ll be happy to know that this aesthetic can be seen in some of our most popular steampunk costumes! With such authentic-looking styles, and plenty to choose from, is it any wonder why people can’t get enough of our Steampunk outfits? And if you haven’t explored our steampunk selection just yet, then you may just be amazed at what you’re about to discover.

            Whether you’re getting ready for an absolute adventure, or you just want to hit the town in style, Spirit is the perfect place to find all of the steampunk styles you could ask for. You can rock a detailed corset over a lace top, while pairing it with a gorgeous ruffled skirt, or switch out the skirt and top with striped pants and a matching jacket to create a totally different look. Or, if you’re looking for a masculine steampunk costume, then grab a men’s trench coat with a matching top hat along with a raven skull staff, or even a steampunk traveler costume that will have you ready for adventure in a matter of minutes. We have full steampunk outfits, as well as ones you can put together yourself, from a steampunk top hat all the way down to steampunk boots. You can mix and match to add your own touch to these retro futuristic looks. Steampunk outfits are especially perfect for mixing and matching to create a look that’s all your own, so why not go all out? Your steampunk costume will have you turning heads no matter where you go, and you’ll be glad that you decided to shop steampunk styles right here at Spirit Halloween.

            Steampunk Accessories

            Steampunk style is anything but minimalist. Accessories like goggles, metallic gear jewelry, leather gloves, brass details—and even walking canes—are a must when bringing your steampunk look to life. You could even try additional accessories such as bracers or fascinators, which are also popular in the Steampunk scene! When completing your steampunk-inspired costume, consider these fun accessories--but remember, the most important part of steampunk is its uniqueness and individuality, so make sure your costume also features your own personal sense of style. You can go all out with a steampunk gas mask, or add steampunk body tattoos or spike goggles. And at the end of the day, you’re the one going to be wearing your costume, so doesn’t it make sense that you feel as comfortable and confident as you can be?

            That being said, the most important rule in almost any hobby or project is to always be true to yourself and just have fun! Steampunk is all about self-expression and creating a look that’s all your own, so why not go all out on your costume? Build your own unique look from top to bottom on our DIY Steampunk page and see for yourself just how much fun you can have, or add some of these fun accessories into your daily style. From clockwork-inspired jewelry to vintage goggles, you can wear a different piece of steampunk fashion whenever you decide to hit the town. How about a gears and lace choker necklace or some steampunk dangle earrings? And when Halloween rolls around, or it’s time for the next big convention, you can wear all of your accessories at once to create the ultimate steampunk look! So no matter how many steampunk accessories you want to wear, Spirit Halloween is here for all of your steampunk accessorizing needs.

            Steampunk Costumes for Conventions, Halloween, & More

            If you think steampunk costumes are just for Halloween, then boy do we have some news for you! Steampunk is celebrated as an art and a way of life, with conventions that are held yearly all around the world—and yes, there’s probably one near you! These conventions allow steampunk enthusiasts from all over the world to gather and show off their own special styles. They give you the perfect place to wear your steampunk outfit and have those who love this fashion as much as you do admire it. If it’s going to be your first time going to a steampunk convention, or your first time dressing up for one, then Spirit can help make your dress-up process as easy as pie. You could even make your own modifications to the costume to make your steampunk style even more amazing!

            From conventions and Halloween to themed dinners and costume parties, steampunk can be a great style choice for any costume-themed occasion. Whether the event is steampunk-themed, or you just happen to dress up in steampunk for a party, everyone is sure to appreciate your neo-Victorian style. And the best part is, with costumes this amazing, you won’t have to worry about never wearing them again. You can save them for next Halloween or pull them out every now and then for a costume party, and you’ll be sure to wow the crowds every time! And at the end of the day, you’ll be glad you shopped at Spirit Halloween for the coolest steampunk costumes around!