Kids Astronaut Costumes

            Blast off this Halloween with Spirit’s kids astronaut costumes! Few professions make children more excited than astronauts, who get to rocket their way into the atmosphere and explore whole new worlds. Becoming an astronaut requires lots of training and study, but all they have to do for Career Day or October 31 is slip into a costume. If they can recite all the planets and know everything there is to know about comets, asteroids, stars and galaxies, they’re halfway there in terms of achieving their astronaut career dreams. Putting on the uniform of a cosmonaut will make your son or daughter poised to orbit the earth, and your neighborhood. Unlike actually going to space, they won’t be in zero gravity, but free to go trick-or-treating and rake in all the candy by looking so cute.

            Adult Astronaut Costumes

            You never outgrow your fascination with space, and Spirit’s adult astronaut costumes will take you as close to NASA as you’ve always dreamed. Become a moonwalker for Halloween in a full spacesuit, which also comes in plus size. Or simply look astro chic in a NASA bomber jacket. Ready to bounce around and act like you’re floating through space? An inflatable astronaut costume is sure to add some humor to your Halloween. If you geek out over all things Mars, Jupiter and Mercury and have always wanted to command a space shuttle, these outfits let you honor your dream job.

            Our astronaut Halloween costumes let the whole family be ready to rocket into space, or around the neighborhood looking picture perfect.