Halloween Costumes


              Funny Costumes

              Bring out your humorous side when you rock one of our many funny costumes! You’ll tickle everyone’s funny bones in an inflatable giraffe costume or even as a baby prez inflatable that’ll have you looking ready to crawl all over your own oval office. Pair up as a soap and loofah costume for double the fun! Our funny Halloween costumes run the gamut from a momma’s boy (yes, complete with baby bonnet) to an inflatable penguin. There's nothing more hilarious than humans dressed up as animals. Our funny adult costumes include a bear or panda union suit, which are also super comfortable (you’re allowed to eat and drink human food dressed in them, don’t worry!). Dress up as your favorite game in a beer pong costume, or turn into everyone’s favorite artist in a Bob Ross costume. From pop culture laughs to total gags, all of our funny Halloween costumes have one thing in common: no one will be able to look at you in them and keep a straight face! Whether you waddle like a penguin or pose like a sumo wrestler, you’re sure to be the star of any costume party in these hilarious looks.

              Funny Inflatable Costumes

              Nothing will get you more laughs than a hilarious inflatable Halloween costume! Ever want to dress up as a sumo wrestler but never wanted to feel so exposed? Well, we have an inflatable sumo wrestler costume that will keep you covered up from head to toe! Bonus points if you and a friend dress up as sumo wrestlers together. Bring the safari to the party when you dress as a safari guide riding an elephant.

              Funny Piggyback Costumes

              Piggyback Halloween costumes are always hilarious! It’ll look like you’re riding on the back of your favorite animal or celebrity! You’re sure to get a lot of good laughs and spark some interesting conversations when you show up to the party with the president carrying you on his shoulders (well, sorta). If you want to stray from politics this Halloween, then gallop into the party with a piggyback horse costume. Ride ‘em, cowboy!

              Funny Couple & Group Costumes

              Going to the party alone may not be your thing, and that’s totally fine by us! Show up with your besties as none other than the classic Kellogg’s Snap, Crackle, and Pop. If you want show a little skin, show up in a loofah costume with your handsome soap. Want to make it even funnier? Reverse the roles! Have a guy wear the loofah dress while the girl shows up as the sudsy bar of soap. For all of you who think you’re the perfect pair, wear a wine and cheese couples costume, a peanut butter and jelly couple costume, or even a hotdog and bun couples costume. But really, nothing says “perfect pair” quite like ketchup and mustard costume for couples.

              Funny Halloween Costumes If You Hate Dressing Up

              Hate dressing up for Halloween? We get it. We guess the most fun holiday of the year isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t try a little bit. Spirit Halloween still has tons of funny Halloween costumes for people who hate dressing up. Instead of going out in full-costume like all your friends, just throw on a pair of your favorite jeans and a costume shirt instead. Dress as a hilarious baseball player in a baseball t-shirt with “hard and long” as your team name. Or simply put on a long sleeve t shirt that says “Let’s Get Smashed” in large, bold letters so everyone will know what you’re at the party for. If you don’t want to draw any attention to yourself at all, then try an animal face t shirt. Whether you choose a cow or even a guinea pig, at least it’ll look like you tried. And always remember that if all else fails, slip into your favorite one-piece pajama costume. Everyone will be jealous when they see you dressed as your favorite animal or character and are the most comfortable person at the party!

              These are part of Spirit’s wide range of exciting Halloween costumes for the whole family!