Dog Halloween Costumes

            Halloween isn’t just for humans. Dress up your precious in one of our dog Halloween costumes this October! Put them on a leash and let them trick-or-treat with you, or leave them to help greet the cute trick-or-treaters at the door all night. Whether they stay in or go out, Spirit Halloween has the best dog costumes and cat costumes for Halloween! From classics like Beetlejuice dog costumes to Yoda dog costumes, Spirit Halloween has a wide selection of pet Halloween costumes for you to choose from. Everyone will let out a huge belly laugh when they see your pet running around in a dog costume with arms or in a dog sushi costume! It’ll look like a tiny Princess Leia or Yoda is actually running towards the doggy door when you dress them like these popular characters! They’ll be ready to save the day as a superhero dog like Robin. They can even get in on the horror of the holiday in a zombie pet costume. Thinking of dressing your best friend in something a little different this year? They can be a UPS pal helping deliver mail. From a dinosaur to a holy hound, our dog Halloween costumes will have them looking even cuter than they do every day. You can even dress them up for their birthday or any festive occasion.

            With dozens of options, you’ll have plenty of options for your pooch with our small and large dog costumes. You can match their costumes with yours or let them go their own doggie way. We also carry cat costumes so your feline can be the best dressed on Halloween! You’ll have the cutest photos this year when the whole family, animal and human, puts on their most fun looks.