Buzz Lightyear Costumes

There’s no sign of intelligent life anywhere, so thankfully you showed up when you did in your awesome Buzz Lightyear costume! You can confidently attend the party on your own since everyone will know exactly who you are. Your child will look like they’re right out of Toy Story 4 in one of these official toddler Buzz Lightyear costumes. These fun movie costumes go from baby right on up through the years so the whole family can enjoy this iconic character. Of course, Toy Story fans come in all ages, so we have official adult Buzz Lightyear costumes so you can become your favorite action figure. Dressing up as a group? You’ve got a friend in me if you get enough of your crew together to wear every Toy Story character costume! After all, the important thing is that we stick together. Get ready for blastoff by accessorizing your Buzz Lightyear costume with an officially licensed jet pack and by slipping on a pair of gloves. Although you may not actually be able to go to infinity and beyond in your Buzz Lightyear costume, you’ll still be the best Space Ranger at any Halloween party.