Halloween Costumes


            Our police and prisoner costumes let you dress up as either side of the law for Halloween.

            Prisoner Costumes

            If you want to stand out immediately, just put on a prisoner costume! Those familiar black and white stripes will make everyone take notice as they wonder what devilish crime you’ve committed. Our inmate costumes will make it clear that you don’t want to get caught from your devilish misdeeds. Or look like you’re on the lam and have just escaped your holding cell; your orange convict attire will showcase your daredevil attitude. Put on a women’s sexy prison costumes that will make being an outlaw look oh so attractive.

            Flaunt your fearlessness as you flout the law, but don’t get caught by a cop! Together, our cop and prisoner Halloween costumes make great group costumes as you divide yourselves into those who are committed to enforcing the law and those who’ll do anything to escape its reach.

            Police Costumes

            Everyone in your household can uphold the law with Spirit’s wide selection of police costumes! Become one of the boys in blue, ready to capture burglars before they escape, write a ticket and be a crime fighter in one of these powerful getups. Fulfill your childhood wish of being on patrol when you look the part perfectly, ready to make arrests at any moment.

            From a police woman costume such as a naughty sheriff to an adult sergeant short pants uniform, you can play up the humorous aspects of this profession. Complete your cop costume with all the accessories associated with a police officer, from metal handcuffs to a club to a badge ID necklace.

            Kids Police Costumes

            Our kids police costumes let little ones from baby on up show off how they look in this classic blue uniform. They’ll be ready to trick-or-treat as one of these familiar faces. Since you’ll also find prisoner costumes in this section, siblings can dress up in fun group costumes from both sides of the law. Let your young one command respect with every word they utter in their blue suit, police hat and badge.

            These are part of our wide range of Halloween costumes for the whole family.