Inflatable Halloween Decorations

            When it comes to quick and easy décor, inflatable Halloween decorations are the way to go! With a simple setup, fast teardown, and so many options to choose from, why wouldn’t you opt for Halloween inflatables to decorate your house? Most inflatables light up so they stand out in the dark. Some of this kind of outdoor décor even have moving parts, like our animated spinning ghost inflatable. You can even decorate for Halloween with any of our officially licensed inflatables, like a festive Minion decoration from Despicable Me or even the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man inflatable from Ghostbusters. Some of our Halloween blowups are spooky and will send chills down your spine, but others are just cute! Set up a giant pumpkin on your front lawn to decorate in a way that won’t spook away any trick-or-treaters! When it comes time to get your house ready for your favorite holiday, remember to take another look at Spirit Halloween’s selection of inflatable Halloween decorations and all of our other fun Halloween decorations!