Look like you’ve just come back from the dead when you wear one of these horrifying zombie masks! They’re the perfect way to make your zombie Halloween costume even more realistic. Our undead zombie mask is one of our most terrifying, with its bloody scalp, bared teeth and bulging eyes. Your friends won’t recognize you, but they’ll know that you’re ready to eat their brains. Maybe you prefer a The Walking Dead mask with torn skin that is beyond gruesome. For a mask that’s a real scream, the crispy zombie mask by Tate Steinsiek takes Halloween frights to a whole new level. You’ll never think of the circus in the same way after getting a look at this zombie’s bulbous red nose, gnarled teeth and wacky eyeballs—after all, that’s what happens when you’ve been burned up! With realistic rotting flesh rendered in exquisite detail, these zombie masks are an easy way to put fear into everyone’s hearts this Halloween.

            These are just some of the wide range of Halloween masks here at Spirit to make your costume totally killer!