Toddler Girl Halloween Costumes

            Your little girls deserve everything and more this Halloween. Let them use their imagination to transform themselves into their favorite TV or movie character one of our fun toddler girl costumes! She can be JoJo Siwa with her glamorous bow in her hair, or one of the Super Monster or dress up in a Kindi Kids costume. If she can’t get enough of , or watch as they save the world while dressed as their favorite superhero! We know how important Halloween is to our little ones, so we are here to supply you with near endless options. We’re here to break down some of our favorite toddler girl Halloween costumes, so you’ll be able to pick the perfect one for your little cutie.

            Disney Toddler Girl Costumes

            Every little girl wants to be a princess! Our Disney toddler girl costumes are sure to spark up some excitement in your little one. What girl wouldn’t love dressing up as Elsa or Anna from Frozen? Treat her like royalty when she dresses up in a Snow White toddler girl costume, or help her to just keep swimming when she dresses up as Dory! Our Disney toddler girl costumes will bring your little girl's imagination to life this Halloween!

            Baby Shark Toddler Girl Costumes

            Spirit has a great selection of official Baby Shark costumes to extend your love of the song into Halloween! These include the Toddler Baby Shark Jumpsuit Costume with Sound Chip, which comes with a hood and plays the famous song. We also have the Toddler Pink Baby Shark Costume Kit with Sound Chip, which comes with a shirt, pants, hat and inflatable!

            Superhero Toddler Girl Costumes

            Hurry! The Halloween candy has been stolen by an evil villain, and the only person that can stop them is your super toddler! Let your little girl save the day when you dress her up in a toddler girl superhero costume this Halloween. Whether she wants to be Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Super Girl, or Harley Quinn, we’ve got all the toddler girl costumes you’ll need to achieve her superhero dreams.

            TV, Movie & Famous Faces Toddler Girl Costumes

            Let your little girl become her favorite on-screen character this Halloween! If you can’t get her away from the screen during her favorite TV show or movie, we’ve got the perfect toddler girl costumes for her! She can dress up in a True Costume from True and the Rainbow Kingdom, complete with a white and pink dress with attached sash and backpack, plus leggings, boot covers and a headband. She can also show off her love of the Rainbow Rangers and dress up in a costume straight out of Kaleidoscopia. From Shimmer and Shine and How to Train Your Dragon costumes to PJ Mask costumes and so much more, your little girl will embody her favorite character in a stylish way. It’s important that your little one knows that she can be whatever she wants to be if she just believes!

            Classic Toddler Girl Costumes

            Our classic Halloween toddler girl costumes will never get old. Your little girl will look as cute as can be when you dress her up in a classic Halloween costume. Watch her create her very own witches brew, or let her sail the seven seas as a pirate! If you want her to learn more about occupations, you can dress her up in a toddler girl police officer costume or a toddler girl firefighter costume. No matter what you choose, your little one will love our classic Toddler girl Halloween costumes.

            Animals and Insect Toddler Girl Costumes

            There’s nothing better than watching your little girl bring their favorite animals to life! She will look absolutely adorable buzzing around the neighborhood as a bumble bee, or swimming through the streets as a mermaid! Let her flap her wings and show off her coloring as a monarch butterfly, or give someone good luck as a little ladybug! Whichever she chooses, your little girl will look as cute as a button.

            Fairies and Princess Toddler Girl Costumes

            If there is one thing we know that little girls love it’s dresses, glitter, and playing pretend! Let Halloween be the perfect opportunity for your little girl to show off your royal side, or sprinkle pixie dusk as a beautiful fairy. Fairies and princesses are the perfect toddler girl Halloween costumes because you can use them time and time again while playing dress up!

            Storybook Toddler Girl Costumes

            If your little girl loves her classic bedtime stories, these costumes are exactly what you’re looking for. Watch as your pride and joy becomes her favorite character on Halloween night. Our storybook character costumes are perfect for every little girl that loves a good old fashion story!

            Witches & Gothic Toddler Girl Costumes

            Your cutie pie won’t be fooling anyone this Halloween! Everyone will see her adorable witchy side! Dressing your little babe as a witch, or a gothic character is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween. Our witch and gothic costumes will never get old, and they’re perfect for every princess ready for the perfect Halloween night.

            Now that you’ve got a run-down of some of our favorite toddler girl Halloween costumes, it’s time for you to find the perfect fit for your little one. What are you waiting for? There are hundreds are fun and exciting toddler girl Halloween costumes waiting for you! Happy shopping, and of course, happy Halloween!

            These are part of our wide range of Halloween costumes so the whole family can have the best time ever celebrating.