Beauty and the Beast Costumes

If you can’t get enough of Disney princesses, you can dress up for Halloween, a party or any time you want to feel gorgeous in one of Spirit’s Belle costumes and get your fix of living like a fairy tale royal. Our beautiful, officially licensed Beauty and the Beast costumes will fulfill your romantic side and make you feel instantly glamorous. We have everything you need to transform into Belle. We know that love of princesses isn’t just for kids, so our adult Belle costumes, part of our extensive selection of women’s Halloween costumes, let you look just like her.

Where can I find Beauty and the Beast costumes?

Spirit has high quality, affordable official Beauty and the Beast costumes for adults and children so they can dress up as Belle or Gaston or the Beast. Our selection will make you look and feel just like one of the most beloved movie princesses of all time. Little girls will love to dress up in our Toddler Belle costume, with its beautiful yellow princess dress with ruffled sleeves and an elaborate skirt and pink accents. It even has a Belle cameo at the top so there’s no mistaking exactly which beloved character she’s dressed up as. If she’s the dancing type, she can wear a Belle Ballerina Costume. To look even more authentic, add a Belle wig with beautiful brown curls, or a Belle bun wrap or a tiara befitting animated royalty. To complete your Beauty and the Beast costume, you can even wear a Belle face decal to add some floral beauty to your look.

The whole family can rock Beauty and the Beast costumes if they so desire, with our selection of adult Belle costumes that can match the kids’ ones as well as an authentic six-piece Gaston costume, which has his signature red jacket along with a vest, dickie, pants, belt holster and boot covers. Our detailed Beast mask will make any Belle swoon as he charms her. Or mom can wear a Peasant Belle costume with her blue dress and detachable tea towels harkening back to her bookish persona, while daughter explores the glamour of Belle’s yellow dress. However you want to dress up as your favorite Beauty and the Beast characters, Spirit has everything you need to complete your getup, including treat bags and accessories like an ear cuff.

Do they make adult Belle costumes?

We carry children’s and adult Belle costumes, so little girls and grown women can be our guest and enjoy a tale as old as time whether at Halloween, during a Disney trip, costume party or just for movie night at home. After all, this film classic, as well as the new version starring Emma Watson as Belle, is close to our hearts. No matter how many times we watch this love story, it still makes us tear up at how Gaston broke the curse and he and Belle found true love. What better way to dress up for Halloween, or any costume party than donning an official Beauty and the Beast dress, authentic in every way.

One of our top rated Disney Belle costumes is our long yellow dress with a ruched skirt adorned with pink flowers, a petticoat and a headpiece. You’ll not only look like a princess, you’ll feel like one—and doesn’t every woman deserve that? Maybe you’re a diehard Disney fan who watches Beauty and the Beast every year, or multiple times, or you simply remember the animated film from childhood and can still recite your favorite lines. If you relate to the girl from a small village who falls for a man who’s had a curse put on him, you can bring a little part of Belle with you by dressing up just like her. Or perhaps you’re reliving the thrill of this beloved movie alongside your daughter and want to bring its onscreen magic directly into your home—or out trick or treating.

If you have any questions about which girls Halloween costume is right for you or your child, please contact the costume experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you with your questions about size, fit, material, color and other aspects of dressing up in costume so your little girl can have the best Halloween ever. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155. We also carry a wide selection of treat bags to make trick-or-treating even more fun.