Unicorn Halloween Costumes

            Go for a classic mystical look with a Unicorn Halloween Costume! With their familiar horn, wings and white and pastel colors, there’s no mistaking exactly what you’re dressed as. So forget that dreaded Halloween look of puzzlement and indulge your magic-loving side by going as this horned being. You can spend all night being totally cozy in a Despicable Me Fluffy Unicorn Pajama Costume, or simply prance around the dance floor or mingle at your Halloween party as this popular legendary creature.

            Kids Unicorn Costumes

            Your little ones can’t get enough of stories and movies about unicorns, so if you dress them as one for Halloween, they’ll be forever grateful. They’ll adore looking like they’re ready to fly off into the clouds and rainbows in the sky while they stay right here on earth collecting candy and trick-or-treating. Take an already adorable look and turn up the cuteness to infinity with a toddler unicorn piggyback costume. With its white body, rainbow mane and tale and purple glitter hooves, this outfit is everything a child could dream of and then some. Make everyone laugh in a unicorn inflatable costume, which may be a little less graceful than a traditional flying unicorn but makes up for it with humor. Add a dose of pop culture fun with a Tokidoki Unicorno dress that can be worn any time you want to stand out, or a brightly colored JoJo Siwa unicorn costume complete with her signature hair bow. A unicorn cape is the perfect topper for any kid who loves these mythical creatures.

            Adult Unicorn Costumes

            Women love to dress up as unicorns because of the beauty of these magical fictional animals. Whether for Halloween, festival season or simply to add a new fashion element to your look, a pair of unicorn wings is the perfect accessory. You can be a sexy unicorn, a sweet one or even a dark unicorn in a black poncho that’s perfect for Goth types. In an age of unicorn drinks and foods, you can make a unicorn fashion statement, and you don’t even have to wait until October 31. Paint your face with unicorn makeup, add a glamorous horn to your outfit, flap your wings and get ready to be as magical as you can be. The bottom line is, unicorns make people happy, and you’ll make everyone who sees you in your unicorn gear happy too!

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