Angel Costumes for Kids & Adults

              If you’re looking for a classic Halloween costume that’s quick, easy, and sometimes sexy, angel costumes are the perfect go-to. A beautiful set of angel wings topped with a signature halo will have you feeling like royalty in no time at all! Your little one will look adorable in a toddler lil’ miss angel costume with a flowing gown and sash along with angel wings and a headband. Or she can dress as a fallen angel to set herself a little bit apart.

              We also carry a selection of angel costumes for adults that will have everyone admire your look. From a full white angel costume to a simple angel kit plus some accessories like angel nails, angel stockings and an angel headband, we have everything you need to look like one of these celestial beings. An all-white angel Halloween costume is the perfect way to stand out at the party, and show off your sweet and innocent side. If you want to show off your bad side, you can spice up your angel costume with a white corset and tutu bottom, or go all the way to the other side with a black theatrical dark angel costume with a beautiful dress and elaborate wings and halo. Whichever route you choose, we can guarantee that your angel costume will be perfectly suited for you!