Gypsy Halloween Costumes

            It’s time to take a look into your future, and we see you wearing a gypsy Halloween costume this year! Read your friends’ tarot cards or gaze into your mystical crystal ball to see what’s in store for them. With your nomadic lifestyle, you’ll never settle in one place, so you’ll give everyone the chance to see what their future will be like. Spirit Halloween’s selection of gypsy costumes for adults feature lots of chiffon, a lace-up corset, and obviously a stunning headpiece with tons of gold accents. When it comes to gypsies, it’s important to remember that you absolutely have to accessorize with tons of sparkly jewelry. Bonus points if your bangles and beaded belts make noise while you move! You’ll have the most fun as you showcase these colorful additions to your outfit, catching everyone’s attention with every step. So rock one of these stunning gypsy costumes for Halloween, and you’ll have everyone wondering if you’re in their future, as well.

            Fortune Teller Costumes

            Everyone wants to be able to see in the future, and now you can—or at least, look the part in an adult or kids fortune teller costume! There’s something eternally glamorous about a woman who knows what fate has in store for you. Channel your inner clairvoyant and have people lining up to see what lies inside your crystal ball, one of our fortune teller accessories that will add authenticity to your costume. Turn into the ultimate oracle for Halloween or any time you want to portray yourself as able to peer beyond deep into someone’s personal future calendar and share what’s they can expect fortune as their future self.

            If you have any questions about our fortune teller or gypsy costumes, whether about the fit, size, color or anything else, please contact the Halloween experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you with your questions so you can have the best Halloween ever. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.