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Vampire Costumes

Adult Victorian Vampiress Costume - The Signature Collection
Adult Vampire Lace Corset
Adult Immortal Beauty Costume
Sleek Gray Vampire Wig
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Victorian Vampire Top
Adult Warlock Costume
Kids Gothic Vampira Costume
Toddler Deluxe Vampire Costume
Lace Veil

Vampire Halloween Costumes

Our name is Spirit Halloween, so of course we are about vampires, these undead spirits who are primed to prey on the living. Of all the scary Halloween costumes out there, vampires are among the most popular. We just can’t get enough of their big fangs, Gothic style and thirst for blood. That they can live forever just adds to vampires’ appeal. We can’t offer you eternal life, but we can offer you a wide range of vampire costumes so you can spook all your friends. For adult vampires, our costumes range from a vampire cape to full disguises, to sexy vampire looks like dresses and corsets, in regular and plus size. To make sure you truly scare everyone around you, go all out with vampire accessories, like blood-tipped fangs, glow in the dark vampire claws, a skeleton rib cage pocket watch and a Victorian lace umbrella.

Vampires were made popular by the publication of the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. We’ve been fascinated by these spooky imaginary creatures ever since, in popular movies, TV shows and books—and, of course, on Halloween. Go for the full freak factor when you use a vampire makeup kit to make your costume truly stand out! Be a solo vampire or team up with your family members or friends for a scary group costume that will amplify the horror.

Kids Vampire Costumes

Be proud of your tiny bloodsucker with our Kids Vampire Costumes! Halloween is the perfect time to turn your son or daughter into a mini monster. They’ll love dressing up as a scary vampire, complete with fangs (you can help them perfect their Transylvanian accent). Our vampire Halloween costumes for boys and girls include a kids’ vampire with appropriately spooky cape, vest and pants and an elaborate floor-length purple and black gothic vampire princess dress with a high collar. She can dress up as her favorite pop culture figure with an official Disney Vampirina dress and headpiece, and can even add black bat tights. Add some vampire makeup and your kids will be ready to terrorize the neighborhood in search of blood…or candy. For a fiendish Halloween look your kids will love, you can’t go wrong with a children’s vampire costume.