So Much Fun It's Scary!®

Light-Up Décor

6 Ft Light-Up Ghost Face ® Inflatable
12 Ft Light-Up Pumpkin Scarecrow Inflatable Archway
Light-Up Killer Klowns From Outer Space Projector
Light-Up Killer Klown Popcorn Statue - Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Light-Up Lamp Post Sam Statue - Trick 'r Treat
Light-Up Unmasked Sam Statue - Trick 'r Treat
Light-Up Jumbo Statue - Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Light-Up Olaf Plush - Frozen
Light-Up Winifred Statue - Hocus Pocus
Light-Up Hocus Pocus Banner - Disney
Light-Up Beetlejuice Doormat
The Haunted Mansion Door Knocker - Disney
Burning Skull Pathway Markers
4 Ft Light-Up Scary Cat Inflatable - Decorations
8 Ft Light-Up Wolfman Inflatable Decoration
Light-Up Welcome Foolish Mortals Wreath - The Haunted Mansion
9 Ft Light-Up Jack-O'-Lantern Archway Inflatable Decoration
Light-Up Sitting Sam Doll - Trick 'r Treat