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80s Halloween Costumes

80's Makeup Kit
Let's Get Physical Blonde Wig
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Black Lace Wristlets
Black Lace Ruffle Gloves
Fingerless White Lace Gloves
Yellow Fishnet Gloves
Lightning Bolt Dangle Earrings

‘80s Halloween Costumes

TREND ALERT! It’s time to bring back your favorite era with one of our ‘80s Halloween costumes. Before electronics were the king of entertainment, jumping rope and playing outside was all the rage! When you’re dressed in ‘80s costumes this Halloween, you’ll be able to reflect on some of the best parts about the 1980’s including after-school specials on TV, listening to music via Walkman or mixtapes, and the frustration of landline phone cords! Get ready to make your hair as big as possible and jam out to some classic ‘80s tunes in the perfect ‘80s outfit.

‘80s Costume Ideas

If you know that you want to represent the 190’s this Halloween, but you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help! Here are some of the most popular and well-known elements of the ‘90s. Ladies, it’s important that you tease your hair to its fullest potential while the men rock the infamous mullet! Grab your denim jacket before you sit down to watch your favorite family sitcom. Need a color scheme? Go with some neon and a lot of prints! Think Madonna and the Go-Go’s when it comes to makeup, and you’ll be sure to have the best ‘80s Halloween costume!