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Animal Masks

Owl Masquerade Eye Mask
Kids Tanjiro Kamado Half Mask - Demon Slayer
Vintage Cat Half Mask
Vintage Ape Half Mask
Moving Mouth Bull Scarecrow Full Mask
Moving Mouth Pig Scarecrow Full Mask
Raccoon Full Mask
Vintage Bunny Half Mask
Venetian Half Mask
Fox Eye Half Mask
Hooded Bird Full Mask
Puppy Doughnut Half Mask
Tiger Eye Mask
Black Cat Eye Mask

Make your costume totally ferocious when you put on one of our animal masks! Whatever part of the animal kingdom you’re dressing up as, we’ve got you covered. From frightening animal masks like a werewolf or faux fur sloth moving mask to more cheerful ones like a puppy doughnut mask, you can easily complete your Halloween look and keep your face hidden. These fun animal masks for kids and adults range from totally ghoulish to utterly adorable. Whether you’re dressing up as a pug, German shepherd, black crow, dragon, raccoon or any other creature, you’ll find an animal masks that suits you right here at Spirit.

These are part of our wide selection of Halloween masks to make your costume totally authentic.