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You saw them on the big screen, now bring those characters to life with our movie costumes and accessories! You can look just like your favorite superhero from the Avengers with our Captain America costumes, or maybe you want to move to Gotham with our Batman costumes. Looking for real life movie character costumes? With all of our movie themed Halloween costumes, you can look like you're ready for the big screen in no time! You could even get into the Disney family in a princess costume, go under the sea in a Dory costume, or go to infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear. Don't forget the intergalactic worlds out there with our Star Wars costumes that will have you ready to have the force with you or as a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Grab some classic movie character costumes like Ghostbusters, Top Gun, Dr. Seuss, and more. No matter what, you will be able to find movie Halloween costumes that will have you looking just like your favorite movie character.

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