It’s time for you to become your favorite Hocus Pocus character with one of our officially licensed, all exclusive Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes. We can guarantee that you’ll only find the perfect Hocus Pocus costumes right here at Spirit Halloween! The Sanderson Sisters are famous for their style, and their bewitching personalities. Go to the party solo as Winifred, Sarah, or Mary, and find your very own Billy Butcherson, or create the perfect group costume with your two best friends. Spirit Halloween LOVES Hocus Pocus so much, so we’re going to give you a run-down of all of our favorite characters and costumes.

Sanderson Sisters Costumes

Group costumes are always a good time, especially when you can turn yourselves into witches! If you and three of your friends have been looking for the perfect trio, the Sanderson Sisters are the perfect choice. We have Mary Sanderson costumes, Sarah Sanderson costumes, and Winifred Sanderson costumes, so you and your best girls can come together and cast some spells. We’ll break out the characters for you one by one, so you can make sure you and all of your friends find the perfect Hocus Pocus Halloween costume.

Winifred Sanderson Costumes

Ah, Winifred Sanderson. She’s the eldest of the Sanderson sisters and the main antagonist in Disney’s film, Hocus Pocus. You could say she’s kind of a big deal. Grab your spell book and take charge this Halloween when you transform yourself into the infamous Winnie! Selling your soul, and your sisters can’t be that bad when you can cast spells and magically change any situation, right? If you are looking for a mate, a Winifred Sanderson costume could be your best bet. You may find your own personal Billy Butcherson at your next party, (a faithful one, of course.)

Mary Sanderson Costumes

If you’re ready to fly through the night (even if it’s on a vacuum) Mary Sanderson is the perfect Sanderson Sister for you! If you’re a caring person that always tried to ease others when they’re stressed, Mary Sanderson fits your personality best. Mary is skilled with witchcraft and dark magic, so maybe you should study up on both to create the most authentic witch you can! Regardless, you’ll look extra witchy in Mary’s signature brown and orange dress, especially when you top it off with her signature wig. We have Mary Sanderson costumes for adults and teens, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll find the perfect fit for your Halloween night.

Sarah Sanderson Costumes

Are you a flirtatious person? Do your friends consider you the ditzy one in the group? Sarah Sanderson is the witch for you! You’ll love causing trouble while dressed in Sarah’s captivating gown featuring the lace-up bodice and layers of contrasting pink hues. Practice your witchy-ways, so you can charm all the children in Salem on Halloween night. Add a luscious blond wig, and you’ll look like you stepped right out of the film.

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Kids Hocus Pocus Costumes

Movie fans of all ages love the Sanderson Sisters, which is why we carry kids Hocus Pocus costumes. She’ll look just like her favorite movie witch in our authentic teen and tween Sanderson Sisters costumes, along with wigs, or even Dani Dennison. The fashion you love from these iconic characters comes to life in these costumes that any young Hocus Pocus fan will love.

Sanderson Sisters Funko Pop! Movie Moment

Get ready to light the black flame candle with this despicable home décor. Display your obsession with a Hocus Pocus Funko Pop! Movie Moment and decorate your home with this scene straight from your favorite movie. The Sanderson sisters are cooking up another potion in the cauldron, and this Hocus Pocus Movie Moment is sure to add a spell-binding twist to your home décor. Grab your own Sanderson Sisters Funko Pop! Movie Moment to show everyone how much you love this Disney classic.

These are part of our official movie costumes so you can bring the big screen to your Halloween.