Fortnite Costumes & Accessories

              Have you heard? Spirit Halloween is back and ready to show off our new selection of official Fortnite outfits and accessories! Thanks to Spirit’s wide selection of official Fortnite Halloween costumes, accessories and props, you can bring your favorite Fortnite characters to life for Halloween and every day after.

              Before you embark on your exciting Fortnite Halloween adventure, we’re going to give you all the answers you’ve been looking for.

              Here’s everything you need to know about our officially licensed Fortnite costumes and accessories:
              • Basic Pickaxe Harvesting Tool: We all have to start somewhere… This basic pickaxe is the first harvesting tool you receive in Fortnite, making it the perfect first purchase for your Fortnite-themed Halloween!

              Rare Outfits and Accessories - These items can be identified in-game by their blue color and are the third least common items
              • Brite Bomber Costume (available in adult and girls’ sizes): Rock this vibrant Brite Bomber outfit from the Sunshine and Rainbows set this Halloween and your future will be so bright, they’ll need sunglasses! Complete your look with our Brite Bomber wig and signature back bling.
              • Skull Ranger Costume (available in adult and girls’ sizes): Got a bone to pick this Halloween? The Skull Ranger costume is a great choice for any women looking to join the Skull Squad.
              • Impulse Grenade: Tick, tick, tick, boom! Send opponents flying with this fan-favorite consumable.
              • Boogie Bomb: When in doubt, dance it out! Give your friends no choice but to dance when they catch the fever of the light-up musical Boogie Bomb.

              Epic Outfits and Accessories – These items can be identified by their purple color and have an increase in price and quality in the game. Second highest in rarity.
              • Skull Trooper Costume: (available in adult and boys’ sizes): One of the most coveted outfits in the game, the Skull Trooper is only available for a limited time during October. Looking for accessories? We’ve got you covered with our Skull Trooper Kit and Hooded Skull Trooper Mask, both sold separately.
              • Zoey Costume: Embrace your sweet tooth with the Season 4 Zoey costume. You’ll be sure to cause some candy-coated chaos.
              • Merry Marauder Costume: Part of the Gingerbread Set. You’ll be singing a slaying song tonight when you dress up as Merry Marauder.
              • Rabbit Raider Costume: From the Pastel Patrol Set. Hop all over the town as the Rabbit Raider this Halloween. From behind, you’ll look cute and cuddly but once you turn around, prepare for a scare!
              • Tomatohead Costume: Part of the Pizza Pit Set. Get extra saucy this Halloween. Show Durrr Burger who the best mascot in town really is!
              • DJ Yonder Costume: Always have the party playlist ready to go when you dress up as DJ Yonder. Introduced during Season 6, this outfit will have you prepared for a stellar DJ performance.
              • Giddy Up Inflatable Costume (available in adult and boys’ sizes): Introduced in Season 6, go ahead and round 'em up with the Giddy Up Inflatable costume.
              • X-Lord Costume (available in adult and boys’ sizes): Look straight out of the Storm Scavengers set when you put on this X-Lord costume that will have you ready for victory.
              • Raptor Costume (available in adult and boys’ sizes): Be ready to fly like a Royale Air Force Test Pilot in this authentic Raptor costume.
              • Fishstick Costume (available boys’ sizes): Get everyone’s attention and avoid being turned into sushi when you dress up as this popular humanoid koi in this official Fishstick costume from the Fish Food set.
              • Lynx Costume (available in girls’ sizes): Bring this legendary outfit from Season 7 to life for Halloween and you’ll be totally prepared for battle.
              • Beef Boss Mask: Part of the Durrr Burger set. Looking for a victory that’s well done this Halloween? The Beef Boss mask is a perfect choice to go with your Fortnite costume! Watch out for that pesky Tomatohead trying to steal your business!
              • Doggo Mask: Join the Grumble Gang and look just like your favorite humanoid pug from Fortnite when you put on this Doggo mask.
              • Vendetta Mask: Upgrade your look and be the ultimate warrior when you dress up in this Vendetta mask.
              • X-Lord Mask: Complete your X-Lord costume with this X-Lord mask to be totally battle ready this Halloween.
              • Pick Squeak Pickaxe: They’ll definitely hear you coming with the Pick Squeak pickaxe. First released in Season 3, this pickaxe is the perfect complement to the iconic Rex outfit.
              • Rift Edge Pickaxe: A fan-favorite pickaxe from Season 5 of Fortnite. Careful around the edges! With the Rift Edge pickaxe, you’ll pierce through the dimensional plane with ease!
              • Bite Mark Pickaxe: Chomp, chomp, chomp through all that candy this year with the Bite Mark pickaxe. This is the perfect accessory to go along with any costume from the Dino Guard set. Equipped with a handle that actually makes the mouth open and close, you’ll always be chomping!
              • Pool Party Back Bling: No need for a lifeguard when you’ve got your Pool Party back bling on deck! This accessory looks magical and will look great with any Fortnite costume.
              • Special Delivery Back Bling: Did somebody order a pizza?! Stay hot and ready for any type of battle situation with this Special Delivery back bling.
              • Port-a-Fort Grenade: It’s a portable fort! It’s the Port-a-Fort! Throw this down whenever you catch yourself in a pickle for a quick and reliable place to hide.
              • Llama Bell: Reenact one of the most iconic emotes in Fortnite with the Llama Bell. Clang, clang, clang, clang!
              • Hardboiled Back Bling: Complete the look of the Rabbit Raider with his signature Hardboiled back bling. If you’re feeling risky, mix-and-match with your favorite Fortnite outfits, but you better hope the Rabbit Raider doesn’t find out!
              • Candy Axe Pickaxe: Deck the halls with festive mayhem when you have the Candy Axe pickaxe equipped! You’ll be able to overpower your foes with the power of minty freshness.
              • Party Animal Pickaxe Harvesting Tool: Warning: The Party Animal pickaxe is only for the wild and reckless. You’ll really have the party going when you show up with this pickaxe!
              • Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Harvesting Tool: Part of the Sunshine and Rainbows set, you’re bound to beat the stuffing out of 'em this Halloween when you add the Rainbow Smash pickaxe to your costume.
              • Light-Up Oracle Pickaxe: You’ll have plenty of visions of victory this Halloween with this light-up Oracle pickaxe.
              • Onslaught Pickaxe: Add this pickaxe from the Omega set to your outfit to make your costume even more powerful.
              • SC3PT3R Pickaxe: Stay totally in tune with this SC3PT3R pickaxe, which has a llama head just like in the game.
              • TK: Part of the Sunshine and Rainbows set, you’re bound to beat the stuffing out of 'em this Halloween when you add the
              • Light-Up Rift-to-Go with Sound: Give this Light-Up Rift-to-Go a shake and you’ll be able to escape any situation. Make this prop part of your costume for the perfect sound and light effects from the game.

              What Are the Rarest Outfits in Fortnite?

              It depends on how you define “rare.” With over 400 outfits and counting, it is difficult to say exactly which outfits are the rarest in Fortnite. The outfits in the game are constantly rotating in the Item Shop and are updated nearly every day, so it’s difficult to keep track of which are actually the rarest. Lucky for us, Fortnite has predetermined the rarities of each outfit which reflect with its cost and representative color. Legendary outfits are the most lucrative and have the biggest cosmetic alteration in the game; therefore, these outfits would be considered the rarest. Here’s a list of all our Legendary costumes and accessories available this year at Spirit!

              Legendary Outfits and Accessories – These items speak for themselves with their high quality. They are represented as orange and are the most limited items.
              • High Stakes Masks: Comes in 4 variations. High risk, high reward. That’s the motto for a professional thief, and with a High Stakes mask on, you’ll be fit for any kind of heist.
              • Omega Costume: Conjure up an evil plan as Season 4 villain Omega. Looking to cause some chaos? Omega won’t stop until he rules them all.
              • Drift Costume (available in adult sizes): Make rifts your number one source of transportation when you gear up as the Drift. Grab your coat, Kitsune mask, the Rift Edge pickaxe, and prepare for a journey into another dimension.
              • Crackshot Costume (available in adult and boys’ sizes): The Crackshot outfit is only available in the game for a limited time during the winter holiday season, but we’re making it available this Halloween and every day thereafter! Get out there and get cracking!
              • Cuddle Team Leader Costume (available in adult and girls’ sizes): Hug it out in this adorable Cuddle Team Leader outfit. Part of the Royale Hearts set, this outfit is available periodically in the in-game Item Shop and made its debut in February 2018. Available as a plush costume and as a costume t-shirt, this style can be paired with the legendary Cuddle Bow back bling for a total transformation.
              • Black Knight Costume (available in adult and boys’ sizes): The odious scourge of Wailing Woods is a part of the Fort Knights set. This outfit was available during Season 2 and became an early Fortnite favorite.
              • Dark Voyager Costume (available in adult and boys’ sizes): From the vast darkness of deep space, the Dark Voyager was available during Season 3 and is one of the most iconic in Fortnite. This outfit is part of the Space Explorers set and is available as a traditional costume or as a plush costume.
              • Rex Costume (available in adult and boys’ sizes): From the Dino Guard set, this deadly dino is looking to hunt the competition to extinction. Released in March 2018, this outfit quickly became one of the most iconic in the game and is available as a plush costume and as a traditional costume.
              • Tricera Ops Costume (available in adult and girls’ sizes): The second outfit introduced to the Dino Guard set, this legendary outfit is ready to sink its teeth into victory. Available as a plush costume.

              So there you have it! Now that you have an idea of what Fortnite costumes and accessories we’re bringing you for Halloween, it’s time for you to go into your locker and decide what costume you’re going to be rocking. Looking for something that’s funny and playful? Maybe the Tomatohead or DJ Yonder costume is the right choice for you! Want something more serious and battle-tested? Our Drift and Omega costumes are a great choice! Maybe you want something scary and recognizable to dress up as to scare your enemies. Our Merry Marauder and Rabbit Raider costumes are an amazing choice for some Halloween madness. Whatever kind of Fortnite look you’re going for, at Spirit Halloween we have all the costumes, accessories, and weapons you need to totally complete your ultimate Fortnite outfit!