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Halloween Animatronics

4.8 Ft Hanging Lord Dakhanavar Vampire Animatronic - Decorations
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5.2 Ft Miss Mercy Animatronic - Decorations
6 Ft Flesh Eating Zombie Animatronic - Decorations
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7.4 Ft The Plague Doctor Static Prop - Decorations
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7 Ft Emperor of Souls Animatronic - Decorations
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6 Ft Mr. Salty Animatronic - Decorations
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6 Ft Experimental Eddie Animatronic - Decorations
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6.3 Ft Twisty the Clown Static Prop Decorations - American Horror Story
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4.3 Ft Ellie Hatchet Animatronic - Decorations
6.2 Ft Cuddles the Clown Animatronic - Decorations
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5 Ft Miserable Marie Animatronic - Decorations
7.5 Ft Demogorgon Static Prop Decoration - Stranger Things
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16 Inch Sewer Varmint Animatronic - Decorations
10 Ft. Looming Clown Animatronic - Decorations
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6 Ft Tug-of-War Animatronic - Decorations
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7 Ft Rotten Ringmaster Animatronic - Decorations
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6.5 Ft Little Daisy and the Maestro Animatronic - Decorations
4.5 Ft Johnny Punk Animatronic - Decorations
6 Ft. Catacomb Creature Animatronic - Decorations
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Animated Halloween Props & Decorations for 2021

If Spirit knows anything about Halloween, it’s animatronics. All of our die-hard fans know that our animatronics will steal the spotlight no matter where they’re set up, because these pieces are unlike any other decorations out there. These scream-worthy, animated Halloween props are life-sized nightmares, and they’re known for capturing the hearts of horror and Halloween fans everywhere. And don’t think it’s just the same old animatronics; our teams are constantly working on new and amazing designs each year to give you horrifying new surprises every Halloween. The best part is that you never know what they’re going to come up with next!

And over the years, our selection of animatronics has grown and become even more nightmarish, bringing to life undead, haunted, and evil creatures that would make anyone run for the hills. And this year, our animatronics are bigger, badder, and scarier than ever! So if this is your first time seeing our Halloween animatronics, then get ready to dive headfirst into the world of Halloween horrors! We’ll provide you with a quick breakdown of different Halloween animatronics and animated props and how you can use them in your own haunted home. But be warned: some have told us that our animatronics can be a little too life-like for comfort…

Halloween Animatronics

Create the graveyard of your dreams (or nightmares!) with any of our tombstone animatronics, and maybe even add a zombie or two to scare your guests. You can create any scary scene you want using any of our horrifying Halloween animatronics. Our wide selection of animatronics can range from family-friendly to downright horrifying, which allows you to make your Halloween as fun or as scary as you want it to be. So whether you want a seven foot bloodthirsty clown who will scare even the bravest soul, you know you’ll be able to find the perfect animatronic right here at Spirit Halloween.

Our licensed animatronics let you bring your favorite horror movie characters to life in terrifying ways. New for 2021 is our Sam animatronic from Trick ‘r Treat, featuring this horror movie killer holding his lollipop, laughing and making stabbing motions. Everyone will surely scream in fright when they see him. From a Bump ’n Go Chucky to Pennywise the Clown from It, ready to terrorize kids and adults, to a six foot tall Michael Myers animatronic ready to stab your guests, you’ll be all set to send chills down everyone’s spines.

One of our all-time most scary animatronics that’s sure to haunt your visitors’ dreams is the life-size Terror Dog replica from Ghostbusters. With its glowing red eyes, this is one dog they definitely won’t want to pet!

You can even decide to give a story behind your haunted house to add another level of fear to your scary scenes. Why are the creatures there? Where did they come from? Give these details to your guests as they wander from room to room, and your scary story is sure to stick with them for as long as they stay! And do you want to know the best part? Each one of these gruesome creatures comes with a unique backstory, and whether you want to incorporate them into your haunted home or create your own scary story for the animatronics is completely up to you! And no matter what you choose, you’ll feel confident knowing you’ve got the scariest scene in the neighborhood thanks to the animatronics you got from Spirit.

Clown Animatronics

There’s nothing scarier than a clown intent on terrifying! We have many terrifying clown animatronics that will let everyone who visits your home know exactly what kind of spooky circus is happening. The seven foot tall Clowning Around moves from side to side and sure to make everyone afraid. Mr. Salty is over the Vaudeville circuit, but is ready to terrify everyone with his clown shoes, greasepaint, and of course, his light-up eyes. And of course six foot three LED animatronic Uncle Charlie is back, with his candy bucket, creepy laugh and sayings, light-up eyes and giant moving mouth. Peek-A-Boo Clown and Crouchy, with his dagger-like teeth, long, pointed nails and maniacal laughter, are also ready to have you jumping in the air in fear. The circus has never been more scream-worthy than with these animatronics.

Animated Props for Any Room

While our Halloween fans often use our larger animatronics on a porch, in a covered display, or set them up outside (only when the weather is nice!), they’re also perfect for transforming your home into the most haunted place on the block. And even if you don’t want our huge, 5-7’ tall animatronics crowding your home, there are still plenty of smaller animated props that can fit in any room of your home without taking up too much space! With smaller animatronics like these, you can add the perfect amount of detail to truly make your haunted scenes unique and life-like.

Some of our most exciting animated props are Ellie Hatchet, who’s escaped from her family farm and is ready to kill, as well as the Sewer Varmint, who’s out for blood and makes squealing rat noises that are sure to have everyone else squealing too. The Chucky Bump ’n Go brings the killer doll to life as he roams your house.

From bump ’n go animatronics like our crawling animatronics that you can control with a remote, there are plenty of ways to make your home animated for Halloween! Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they walk through your front door to find half of a body crawling around your kitchen. Even the kids’ room won’t be a safe haven from horror with its rocking horse dolly animatronic. With so many tiny terrors to choose from, there are plenty of ways to customize your haunted home and find the animated props that perfectly fit into your spooky theme.

New Spirit Halloween Animatronics for 2021

Our fans have waited ever so patiently for the release of our new animatronics, and now the wait is finally over! The 2021 Halloween season is in full swing, and our ghouls, ghosts, and monsters are excited to haunt your home. Featuring new faces like The Harvester of Souls, who’s looking for lost children to add to his undead army, and The Butcher, who haunts the streets looking for fresh meat, our selection of Halloween animatronics for 2021 is sure to cause the perfect amount of frights for any Halloween fan. Angeline is ready to hang out with the undead at the graveyard after losing her granny. When her head turns, her feet kick and she starts talking, everyone is sure to scream in fear of this animated girl. From an evil clown popping out of a box and Miss Mercy, a nurse hell-bent on killing to demonic little girls ready to poison you, and even new constant motion creatures, you’ll be able to find plenty of animatronic decorations to help bring your scary scene to life just in time for Halloween—and yes, we offer plenty of exclusive animatronics that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

If you’re looking for the scariest pop culture animatronics, we have your faves ready to make everyone scream. Krampus, the half-goat, half-demon, with his giant horns and extra-long beard, is the perfect way to decorate any house of horrors. And who knows? You never know what spooky surprises could be around the corner here at Spirit, so you better stay tuned to see if we have any other tricks and surprises up our sleeves…

Our team works diligently each and every year to make shopping at a Spirit Halloween store such a fun experience. With thousands of new products and in-store experiences like none other, we can say with confidence that this year, much like the rest, will definitely not disappoint. The doors are starting to open, and we know our Halloween fanatics are lining up to see what’s in store for the 2021 season. After all, Halloween is right around the corner!

We also have lots of beloved animatronics back in stock. These Halloween favorites are ready to scare everyone. Bloodythirsty Betty lives up to her name. With her mouth dripping with blood, she can be hung from the wall or placed on the ground. Her neck will pop, her eyes will glow, and she’ll be ready to laugh, scream and terrorize anyone who crosses her path. Demonic Dahlia seems to be sitting down, but she’ll pop right up to laugh and scream and look ready to snatch you up. Beware! The Graveyard Ghoul wants to let you know you can run, but you can’t hide—he’ll tell you himself! This LED constant motion animatronic has glowing orange eyes and is ready to return from the dead right now. Dog lovers will get a new perspective on the animal world with our Man’s Possessed Friend animatronic. Bubba has his own dog house, but you’ll be the one in trouble once he starts barking and growling, with his eyes lit up and sharp teeth bared.

If you have any questions about our animatronics, or any of our other animated props or decorations, please contact the Halloween experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you with your questions so you can have the best Halloween ever. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.