Killer doll Chucky from the Child’s Play movies has remained popular since the first film. Now you can make Chucky part of your horror-filled Halloween with our official Chucky costumes! There’s nothing scarier than a talking Chucky doll offering up its scary sayings like “I’ll be back! I always come back!” For this Halloween we have Bride of Chucky costumes so you can pay homage to this ultimate horror flick, including a Chucky mask that’s all you need to make your friends scream in horror.

Chucky Halloween Costumes

Spirit Halloween has everything horror movie fans need to dress up in an officially licensed Chucky Halloween costume and decorate your home to match. You’ll be in a killer mood when you wear our Adult Chucky costume, which you can enhance with a Chucky doll for double the spook factor. Wanna play? Of course you do! We also have the Chucky Bump N Go doll, which will have everyone either running from it or eager to get a closer look.

There’s a very good reason Chucky, who’s taken on the soul of a serial killer in the body of a “Good Guy” doll thanks to voodoo, has captured our imaginations. We love watching him murder people. With his familiar striped shirt, blue suspenders and red shoes, he takes on the appearance of a normal doll, until he opens his mouth and we know there’s something much more sinister going on with him. Adults can’t get enough of this small but powerful killer and his former girlfriend Tiffany (played by Jennifer Tilly), who becomes the Bride of Chucky. Make your home horror central when you strategically place our Chucky Bump N Go doll so new visitors will be greeted with that familiar voice from Child’s Play saying “I’m Chucky. Wanna play?” followed by spooky laughter, or “Now the first thing we gotta do is get me out of this body, once and for all.”

For horror movie fans who want to dress up as this knife-wielding little maniac, put on our authentic looking official latex mask by Tate Steinsiek featuring a very scary version of Chucky from Bride of Chucky. This instantly familiar image, with red stitches on his face, is the perfect way to make your friends jump in fright. Go all out and add the Bride of Chucky Tiffany doll in her white wedding dress and black jacket for a scene straight out of your favorite movie! Put both of them together for a killer pair.

This popular possessed doll is a character we simply want more and more of. We love the fact that even when he dies, we know he’ll come back and be ready for more killing. Whether you’ve been watching since the first Chucky movie or are a newer fan of this horror movie franchise, there’s no better way to add this childlike but fierce cutthroat slayer to your Halloween fun.

If you have any questions about our official Chucky and Bride of Chucky Halloween costumes, dolls or merchandise, or any of our other movie costumes, we’re here to help you have the most festive and spooky holiday you can. Contact Spirit by clicking the “Help” button above or calling our Customer Service department at 866-586-0155. Our Halloween experts are ready to make your holiday the most haunting one yet!