Fake Blood

            If you’re ready to make your Halloween absolutely gruesome and gory, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! Spirit Halloween offers a wide selection of fake blood so your look can be as scary and bloody as you want. Whether you want blood-splattered clothes or bloody scars and scabs, you can create the ultimate gory look this Halloween when you shop Spirit’s select of fake blood. And if you’re new to the world of fake blood, then don’t be scared! We’re here to help you choose the best kind of fake blood for you. You can browse through our products, or continue reading below for a quick explanation of the different kinds of fake blood we carry. From blood capsules to gel, fake blood features quite a few different consistencies. So if you want to make your costume look as realistic as possible, then it’s important to know these differences!

          1. Blood Capsules: These are small capsules that can be broken in the corner of the mouth or dripped onto the top of the cheek (right below the eye) to create blood drips down your face. The best part is that these capsules are individually sealed, so you won’t have to use all of them at once—and if you feel like your costume could use a little more blood later on in the day, you’ll be able to add more in a snap!

          2. Theatrical Blood: A great choice for anyone who needs a thin consistency, theatrical blood works well for any “fresh” bloody looks. Much like the blood capsules, theatrical blood will drip down wherever you put it. If you want to get creative, you could even use a paint brush to splatter this fake blood onto clothes or skin for a fresh, murderous look—though if you’re looking for blood splatter, you may just want to look into grabbing a can of spray-on blood instead!

          3. Blood Gel: This kind of fake blood is thicker than theatrical blood, and can be used to create realistic scabs and wounds. While theatrical drips and provides more of a “wet” look, blood gel stays mostly in place wherever you decide to put it. If the consistency is just a little too thick for your needs, then you could spread out to make it a little bit thinner. Otherwise, blood gel is absolutely perfect for creating fake scabs, wounds, or anything other effect you can think of.

          4. Spray-On Blood: For a quick and easy splatter, spray-on blood is a great way to go. Spray-on blood makes for the perfect detail on cloth, skin, or other surfaces to make it look as though you’ve gone through a bloody chop shop. You could even paint signs and write bloody messages to scare anyone who dares to walk by. This easy-to-use can means that you can spray fake blood almost anywhere, making it perfect for anyone who wants to create their own bloody costume or scene.

          5. Of course, if you want to learn more about these bloody-good products, feel free to peruse our selection of fake blood either in store or online. Fun and easy to use, fake blood is great for beginners and Halloween pros alike. You can create bloody wounds, gruesome costumes, and even gory decorations when you shop Spirit Halloween for the coolest fake blood around. So if you’re looking to have the most horrifying fun ever, then look no further than Spirit Halloween for all of your scary, bloody Halloween needs. And don’t worry; there’s plenty of blood to go around! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our awesome Halloween makeup and costume accessories while you’re here!

            If you have any questions about which type of fake blood is right for you, please contact the Halloween experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you with your questions so you can have the best Halloween ever. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.