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Maleficent Halloween Costumes

Maleficent FunkO's Cereal with Pocket Pop Figure – Disney Villains
Maleficent Funko Pop Figure - Disney

Maleficent Costumes

Maybe our fun women’s Halloween costumes are a little too bright and cheery for your tastes. If that’s the case, then you can cast a spell of your own this Halloween when you become the dark, yet beautiful, Maleficent. Sure, you’re probably not as evil as people think you are (just a bit misunderstood), but you can still play the part perfectly for any frightfully fun Halloween party. From her all-black dress to the fearsome horns decorating her head, Maleficent is as deadly as she is gorgeous. And now you, too, can become as awesome as Maleficent herself. So grab your staff and get ready to spread your wings, because no one’s going to be able to bring you done when you’re rocking Maleficent’s style from head to toe.

And if your little one loves Maleficent as much as you do, then you’re both going to be happy to know that our Maleficent costumes come in all ages. You can make this Halloween the best one yet for your child or teen by surprising them with a gorgeous Maleficent dress with matching accessories, and you’ll love seeing your little Maleficent take over Halloween.  Sure, you might not be able to turn into a giant dragon and destroy castles, but that shouldn’t stop you from becoming the one and only Maleficent this Halloween. And no, you won’t have to curse any children to get your hands on any of our gorgeous Maleficent costumes!