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Mario Bros Halloween Costumes

Adult Mario Kart Inflatable Costume - Mario Kart
Adult Luigi Kart Inflatable Costume - Mario Kart
Mario Mask - Super Mario Bros.
Luigi Mask - Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. Cinch Bag - Nintendo
Kids Luigi Costume Kit - Nintendo
Kids Mario Costume Kit - Nintendo

Mario and Luigi Costumes

Mario and Luigi are the perfect duo to portray on Halloween night! You can dress up in matching costumes, but be two completely different people! Our Mario and Luigi costumes range from kid’s sizes to adult sizes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your perfect Halloween night. We love these plumbers so much that we even created dress costumes for little girls and women! We can’t forget Mario and Luigi’s friends, so we also offer Princess Peach costumes, Donkey Kong costumes, Bowser costumes, Yoshi costumes, and Toad costumes! You’ll be able to make your favorite character come to life with one of our Mario costumes from Spirit Halloween! Player 1: ready. Player 2: Press start.