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Scary Kids Halloween Costumes for 2018

Tween Alien Dress
Kids Glow In The Dark Skeleton Morphsuit Costume
Kids Vampiress Costume - The Signature Collection
Kids Vampire Costume - The Signature Collection
Kids Skeleton Phantom One Piece Costume
Kids Freakshow Clown Costume
Kids Dark Unicorn Costume
Kids Freakshow Clown Costume

Scary Kids Halloween Costumes

Kids love dressing up for Halloween, especially when they’re actually allowed to go around scaring people for the night. Let them terrify the entire neighborhood in one of our horrifying kids Halloween costumes.

Scary Kids Witch Costumes

Witches are terrifying to anyone, especially other kids! Your child will scare their whole classroom when they show up on their broomstick and start concocting something special in their cauldron. Let that fire burn and the cauldron bubble while they brew up a spell that will give them the answers to tomorrow’s test. Wearing a classic pointy hat will top off any signature witch style. Add some fake blood and maybe dark circles under their eyes for the scariest kids witch costume ever. The only way it could get scarier is if your child carried around a black cat and cackled at the sight of a full moon.

Scary Kids Zombie Costumes

It doesn’t get scarier than the living dead. With plenty of costumes available, your child will be able to choose exactly how dead they’ll want to be. Mostly human with a little gore? Got it. Walking rotting flesh? Check! Full-on skeleton with ratty clothes? You betcha! Spirit Halloween has all of the best scary kids zombie costumes for you or your child to choose from, so there will never be an issue about not being dead enough. Between kids zombie costumes for girls and zombie costumes for boys, Spirit has them all! Choose between a kids zombie dress costume or a kids zombie skinsuit. The skinsuit will form to your child’s body (boy or girl!) and look pretty realistic as they’re chasing after all of the other kids on the block.

Scary Kids Vampire Costumes

Forget the school parade—your child will only come out at night this Halloween. Slick back their hair, stick on some vampire teeth, and add some white face powder for a ghostly appearance. No matter whether your child is wearing a dress or a suit, make sure they have that collar popped and a cape flowing to the ground. Wearing a scary kids vampire costume could make every house easily hand over all of their candy. Whatever you do, make sure they remember to stay far, far away from garlic, mirrors, and those pesky wooden stakes. You wouldn’t want them vanishing on the most exciting night of their lives!

Scary Kids Clown Costumes

They may have been scared of clowns when they were younger, but you know what they say—if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Spirit Halloween’s selection of kids scary clown costumes will give everyone the goosebumps! Add some blood to their face and have them carry around a bloodied weapon for added dramatic effect. It’ll look like they just escaped from the circus and no one else made it out alive. Aside from runaway killer clowns, there’s really nothing scarier than a clown and a convict in one! So if your child dresses as a scary convict clown this Halloween, they’ll be sure to send people running far, far away. Complete with a horrifying mask and a creepy smile, this convict clown probably escaped from more than just prison. There will be tons of clowning around when your son or daughter shows up tricking-or-treating in a scary kids clown costume, so make sure you find the creepiest one there is.

Scary Kids Grim Reaper Costumes

What’s more horrifying than the one who actually takes your soul away? Scary kids grim reaper costumes are always horrifying, especially when they’re following you up and down the block all night. Can you just imagine what it’d be like to open your front door and a small grim reaper is in the entryway? Talk about a heart-stopper! Of course so many of Spirit’s scary kids costumes come with an extra fear factor. We have scary kids grim reaper costumes that glow in the dark and ones where the eyes glow on the masks. Some scary kids grim reaper costumes look faceless and have eyes that light up red in the darkness. Nothing will freak out the neighbors more than glowing eyes in the distance. Get them a sickle to carry around to complete their scary kids Halloween costume and they’ll be ready to take some souls (or just candy).

Scary Kids Skeleton Costumes

When you think of Halloween, you think of ghosts and skeletons, of course! Skeletons are super creepy because they’re simply just bones that walk and talk. Scary kids skeleton costumes always look a little more chilling when all of the black and white makeup is added. Black out their eyes, contour those cheeks, and draw lines over their lips for a realistic skeleton look. One of Spirit Halloween’s skeleton costumes will make it look like your child is nothing but bare bones. Finish off the look with a pair of kids skeleton gloves so they’ll be boney from head to toe! If an ordinary skeleton just isn’t your kids’ style, try on a dead man rockin’ costume which features a scary kids skeleton mask with Mohawk, vest, and studded belt and cuffs. Your kid will be lookin’ bad to the bone! Since they’re probably not old enough to drive yet, have them roll up to each house on their bicycle making the most ferocious motorcycle sounds. It’ll sound like an entire biker gang of skeletons is outside! When looking for the most scary kids skeleton costumes or scary kids costumes of any kind, you know you’ll always be able to find one at Spirit Halloween.