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Sexy Womens Halloween Costumes for 2020

Harley Quinn Moto Jacket - Birds of Prey
Online Only
Harley Quinn Overall Jumpsuit - Birds of Prey
I Shaved My Balls For This Harley Quinn T Shirt - Birds of Prey
Online Only
Distressed Harley Quinn T Shirt - Birds of Prey
Harley Quinn Denim Shorts and Suspenders - Birds of Prey
Velour Harley Quinn Crop Top - Birds of Prey
Harley Quinn Bodysuit - Birds of Prey
TKO Lingerie Set
Online Only
Papi's Prize Cheerleader Set
Online Only
Plus Size Sexy Nurse Costume
Online Only
Plus-Size Twisted Sister Costume
Online Only
Adult Smoking Robe Costume - Playboy
Online Only
Adult Pink Smoking Robe Costume - Playboy
Online Only
Adult Sexy Cleopatra Costume - Playboy
Online Only
Adult Sexy Swashbuckler Costume - Playboy
Online Only
Adult Mod Girl Costume
Online Only
Adult Sexy Miss Red Costume
Online Only
Adult Faux Fur Big Bad Wolf Costume
Online Only
Adult Navy Captain Costume
Online Only
Adult Lieutenant Misbehave Costume
Adult In the Line of Duty Cop Costume

Spirit Halloween has the best 2020 sexy Halloween costumes for women! Whether you want to dress up as a sexy cop, sexy nurse, sexy witch or a dozens of other alluring options, we’ve got plenty of outfits for you, including our plus-size customers.

Why do women like sexy Halloween costumes?

Women love dressing up in sexy Halloween costumes and showing off some skin because it’s fun. Halloween is the perfect night to let out your wild side, no matter what you dress like the rest of the year. You can wear skintight clothing like a sexy cat costume and show off your slinky, ferocious side. If you’re a little nervous about showing off your bod, you can wear a mask to go incognito. Whether you’re going to a Halloween party, hosting your own or just being festive, this holiday is the one day a year when everyone lets loose. Wearing a hot costume is a playful, cheeky way of living it up. No one will judge you for going a little wild; in fact, they’ll probably cheer and applaud you.

Many women like to show off their playful and sexy sides on Halloween. They may be dressing up as a favorite character or simply exploring another side of their style. There’s nothing wrong with feeling good about your body and emphasizing your curves! Some Halloween costumes are skimpier than others, because it’s not just about baring your bod, but honoring it. Whether you’re going all out with glamorous makeup and your tallest heels or let your dress do the talking, you know you’ll be the center of attention. Let’s also not forget the humor factor: you’ll be sure to bring a smile to people’s faces and perhaps a few laughs when you dress up in a faux fur Dalmatian darling costume or sexy lumber jack costume. Who doesn’t love to make their friends laugh?

Where can I find 2020 sexy women’s costumes?

Spirit Halloween has dozens of sexy costumes for women, including plus size costumes. You can find the one that most suits your personality (or alter ego) because just as with any other type of costume, sexy comes in a lot of varieties. It’s not just about showing off your sexy side; it’s about an attitude and having fun flaunting your femininity. That might look like wearing a Batman corset or donning a catsuit and purring your way through town. Maybe it’s about delivering some TLC in a nurse costume (no CPR training required) or wielding power as a sexy cop. You can turn into a sexy mermaid, flight captain, sassy ringleader, booty diva pirate, bad Sandy from Grease or dozens of other hot looks.

Spirit Halloween has regular and plus size sexy costumes so you can make the most of this special night. You can be utterly girlie in a frilly pink Babycake costume with arm puffs and headband, or be more of a fierce kind of sexy in a camo cutie costume. If you love sports, why not make the rules (or break them) as a no rules referee, with a black and white striped shirt, black short shorts, belt and choker collar? Spirit carries every type of women’s sexy Halloween costume so you can strut your stuff and be the hit of any party.

What are some sexy Halloween costume ideas for women?

2020’s hottest sexy Halloween costume ideas for women range from hottie gangster to sexy dragon ninja to sexy vampire and far beyond. You can go retro with a sexy flapper costume, a brazen buccaneer or hot rod honey getup or Greek Goddess look. You can become an instant burlesque babe in our costume, complete with corset and eyelet dress in bold fuchsia and black. If you’ve never worn a corset before, Halloween is a wonderful time to experiment with this figure-enhancing style.

If you prefer to be thoroughly modern, rock a Supergirl costume complete with red cape, S logo in front and short red skirt. Other pop culture inspired racy costumes include D.Va from “Overwatch,” Miss Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Wonder Woman and a Harley Quinn corset.

Where can I find sexy Halloween costumes for plus size women?

Spirit has many options for plus size women looking for sexy Halloween costumes. These looks for curvy ladies range from a dirty cop to an Egyptian goddess in a stunning crown, collar and belt. If you’re the sporty type, you can dress up as a racy football player. Go ahead and put an adult spin on fairy tales with a Little Red costume.

At Spirit Halloween, we want every woman to have the option of being their sexiest, sultriest self. Our plus size Halloween costumes will make you look and feel your hottest. Our website carries a wide selection so you can select the type of sexy you want to be, from familiar characters to new looks you may never have considered. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to take a break from your everyday image and wow everyone like the bombshell you are.

What if I don’t want to wear women’s sexy Halloween costumes?

The best thing about Halloween is that you can make it your own. You can choose to dress up in a sexy costume, or one that’s less risqué. Spirit also carries a wide range of affordable women’s Halloween costumes beyond these sexy styles. You can pick your favorite, or even wear two costumes: one for during the day, and a racier one at night. And if you’re looking for costumes for everyone in your household, our adult Halloween costumes offer a wide selection.

If you have any questions about making your purchase, the costume experts at Spirit Halloween are here to assist you. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.