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Plus Size Halloween Costumes for 2021

Adult Train Conductor Plus Size Costume
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Adult Men's Zookeeper Plus Size Costume
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Hopper Button Down Plus Size Shirt - Stranger Things
Adult Beetlejuice Striped Plus Size Suit
Adult English Prince Plus Size Costume
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Adult Jack-O-Lantern Plus Size Suit
Angel Plus Size Costume Kit
Adult Steampunk Lady Plus Size Costume
Adult Queen of Hearts Plus Size Costume
Adult Fairy Tale Queen Plus Size Costume
Adult Red Endless Plus Size Dress
Adult White Endless Plus Size Dress
Cross Pumpkin Plus Size Sweatshirt
Adult Emerald Lady Plus Size Costume
Adult Free Spirit Hippie Plus Size Costume
Adult Mad Hatter Plus Size Costume
Adult The Joker Plus Size Suit - Batman
Adult Faux Fur Plus Size Wolf Vest
Adult Grim Reaper Robe
Adult Rockford Peaches Plus Size Costume - A League of Their Own
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Adult Racine Belles Plus Size Costume - A League of Their Own
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Adult Jimmy Plus Size Costume - A League of Their Own
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Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

We know that shopping for the perfect Halloween costume can be stressful, so Spirit Halloween wants to make the search as easy as possible. We know that not everyone is the same shape or size, so we have options for every body type! We have a vast collection of plus size Halloween costumes at Spirit Halloween. Browse our plus size Halloween costumes for women, featuring popular themes like vampires, pirates, flappers, and maids. Our men’s plus size Halloween costumes feature tons of classic costumes like clowns, police offers, grim reapers, pirates, and burglars. Don’t wait until the last minute to find your costume this Halloween! Start searching for the perfect plus size Halloween costume now!

Plus Size 60s Costumes

Time period costumes are always a hit at any Halloween party! Spirit Halloween carries the most fashionable 60s plus size hippie costumes for both men and women. For men, imagine rocking a floral pair of pants with matching vest and headband. And women, you will look totally psychedelic in a floral, long sleeved dress with vest and matching headband. Complete your signature looks with a hippie wig, a peace sign medallion, and some circular hippie shades. While looking like you came straight out of the 60s, people won’t know whether you’re going to a Halloween party or just time traveled from Woodstock!

Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Argh, matey! Sail the seven seas and make your least favorite party guests walk the plank. If you’re looking for women’s plus size Halloween costumes, you’ll be able to easily obtain a map that leads directly to the buried treasure while wearing a sexy Vixen dress. No other pirate will be able to resist your flirtatious look and will submit to your every demand. Want to play the role of a laid-back lady instead? Go to your 2021 Halloween party as a beautiful buccaneer. Don’t forget that every buccaneer needs a captain. Go as a couple or make it a group costume for your 2021 Halloween party! There’s no limit on how many pirates can steal the show.

Need a men’s plus size pirate costume? Spirit Halloween has them, and Captain Jack will have nothing on you! Steer your ship away from your enemies and command your crew to dig up precious pearls and tons of glowing gold. Make sure to accessorize your plus size pirate costume with pirate boots and your best stick-on mustache. Want to look a little edgy? Replace one of your hands with a hook! No one will question your authority!

Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Show off those curves! Spirit Halloween has tons of options when it comes to picking out a plus size sexy Halloween costume. Want to show that you’re a nice girl with a bit of a naughty side? Then a flirty nun costume will suit you pretty well! Show off your finest assets in a sexy plus size maid costume. Just be prepared—you’ll be cleaning up a lot of drool off the floor from everyone who watches you walk into the room. More of a girl who’s into sports? We’ve got that covered, too! Smear some eye black underneath your eyes and slip on this plus size sexy football player costume. You could end up scoring more than just touchdowns.

How about we take it back to ancient Egypt? Channel your inner Cleopatra in a sexy plus size Egyptian goddess costume. Complete your sensual outfit by carrying around your royal staff and wearing nothing but a shiny gold-toned headpiece and matching jewelry. We know you’ve been wondering, but don’t worry; men can wear sexy Halloween costumes, too! Coordinate with your goddess and wear a sexy plus size King of Egypt costume. Together, you’ll rule over the entire kingdom.

Plus Size Cops and Robbers Costumes

Dress up and play a game of cops and robbers. This is a great Halloween costume idea for singles, couples, or even groups! Every squad needs both a good cop and bad cop, so decide which one you’re going to be that night. Complete your plus size cop Halloween costume with handcuffs and an intimidating baton so everyone will respect your authority. Would you rather be stealing the show? Go as a thief in this stealthy plus size burglar costume. Don’t forget to wear your black beanie and mask so no one will be able to recognize you!

If you have any questions about our plus size costumes, including sizing, fit, material, color and anything else related to our costumes, decorations or accessories, please contact the Halloween experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you with your questions so you can have the best Halloween ever. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.