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Halloween Costumes

Religious Costumes

Adult Blessed Babe Romper Costume
Adult Unholy Nun Costume
Adult Twisted Sister Sexy Nun Costume
Unholy Thigh High Stockings
Adult Priest Plus Size Costume
Unholy Earrings
Rosary Bead Necklace
Monk Cross
Priest Costume Kit
Priest Cross
Adult Unholy Priest Costume
Unholy Press On Nails
Black Gothic Cross Gloves

Religious Costumes

Show off your love of all things godly with these religious costumes! These biblical inspired looks like the Pope will make everyone take notice of you. Turn yourself into a true believer in these churchly Halloween costumes that will make you look worship ready. With a familiar brown wig and beard and long white robe, you’ll be a ringer for the Redeemer. Offer blessings while dressed in a brown monk robe. Or mix things up with a Holy Hammered Drinking Book when you want to be a bit of a daredevil. Whether you’re looking for a godly Halloween costume that pegs you as one of the faithful or a group costume that shows you’re part of a saintly crowd, Spirit has you covered.

Disciple Costumes

Spirit has Disciple Costumes for those wanting to look the part of a true believer. Show off your devotion in one of these divinely inspired outfits. Go way, way back in time as you follow the redeemer in this churchly attire.

Bible Costumes

Look like you just stepped out of the pages of the Good Book in this Bible Costumes! Whether you’re dressing up for a church event or a Halloween costume party, your Holy Savior robe will be ready for any manger scene. Our biblical looks are the perfect way to proclaim to the world exactly what you believe.