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Lion Costumes

Toddler Faux Fur Simba Costume Deluxe - The Lion King
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Toddler Faux Fur Nala Costume - The Lion King
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Baby Lion Cub Costume
Adult Lion Union Suit
Infant Simba Costume - The Lion King
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Infant Nala Costume - The Lion King
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Kids Faux Fur Lion Dress Costume
Baby Lion Costume
Faux Fur Lion Ear Headband

Lion Halloween Costumes

Celebrate your favorite holiday animal style with a Lion Halloween Costume! These wild looks are perfect for kids who want to dress up as a lion cub and become the king of the jungle, or just the backyard. Our baby and kids' lion costumes will make your little one’s first Halloween (or their second) one that’s totally picture perfect. Lions are one of the first animals kids learn to recognize, with their distinctive color, mane and paws, so they’re perfect for costume time. Lions travel in packs called prides; you can do the same thing with a group costume, whether with siblings who both want to be these fierce creatures, or parent and child.