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Halloween Costumes

Light-Up Costumes

Adult Light-Up EL Wire Orange Stick Figure Costume
Kids Blue Light Up Inflatable Super Skin Suit Costume
Kids Light-Up EL Wire Alien Costume
Kids Light-Up El Wire Doom Skeleton Costume
Youth Light-Up Fortnite Party Trooper Costume
Kids Light-Up Eyes Ninja Costume
Adult Light-Up EL Wire Blue Stick Figure Costume
Kids Orange Light-Up Stick Figure Costume
Kids Light Up Extreme Lightning Ninja Costume
Toddler Light Up Firetruck Piggyback Costume
Kids Light Up Alien UFO Inflatable Costume
Kids Light Up Extreme Robot Ninja Costume
Kids Light-Up EL Wire Green Stick Figure Costume
Kids Glow in the Dark Marshmello Costume Kit

LED Costumes

Night or day, you’ll stand out on Halloween in one of our LED costumes. These light-up costumes give everyone even more reason to notice what you’re wearing, whether you’re trick or treating or staying home. Rock a light up skull jacket for an extra spooky vibe. Kids will love roaming the night in a light-up desert dweller ghost costume, showing off their skills as a light-up ninja or making everyone laugh in a light-up inflatable costume. Whichever of these fun options you decide on, you can guarantee everyone will notice your costume.

These are part of our wide selection of Halloween costumes for the whole family.

If you have any questions about which light up or LED costume is right for you, including size, fit, material, color and anything else related to our costumes, decorations or accessories, please contact the Halloween experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you with your questions so you can have the best Halloween ever. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.