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Scary Clown Costumes

Adult Twisted Circus Suit
Kids Crouchy the Clown Costume
Adult Crouchy the Clown Costume
Kids Hugz the Clown Costume
Adult Killer Clown Costume
Kids Vintage Clown Costume
Adult Light-Up Wacky Mole Clown Costume
Nighty Night Full Mask
Kids Psycho Clown Costume
Kids Creepy Clown Costume
Happy Clown Half Mask
Scary Jester Half Mask
Black and White Hammer
Crispy Zombie Clown Full Mask
Crouchy Knife
Kids Krazed Clown Costume

Killer Clown Costumes

No one will be laughing at you this year when you’re in a killer clown costume. Strike fear upon everyone in the neighborhood and smile that creepy smile while you collect more candy than you ever have before. Whether you dress up as the ringmaster or in a not-so-average killer clown costume, everyone will be running far, far away from you. We have tons of killer clown costumes for kids, including tattered and torn dresses for girls and bloodied jumpsuits for boys. If blood and guts aren’t really your style, then we still have plenty of scary clown costumes for kids that strike just as much fear without all of the gore. Your little one will look totally terrorizing in glow in the dark killer clown costume for head to toe horror. Or they can wreak havoc as a Big Top Terror Clown, a zombie clown or a twisted trickster clown. All they’ll have to do is practice their most evil voice and they’ll be ready to send chills up the spines of all circusgoers and party guests.

Don’t forget to accessorize your killer clown costume with clown makeup, jester jewelry, and carry around your signature accessory, whether it’s a bloody bat, a killer cleaver, or just some balloons for added effect. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Let the freak show begin in your scary clown costume.

Check out all of our Halloween costumes and see which one suits you best for the most horror-filled night imaginable.