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Dragon Costumes

Kids Sully The Dragon Costume - The Signature Collection
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Dragon Appliance Kit
Dragon Cosmetic Kit
Kids Dragon Ninja Costume
Medieval Dragon Staff
Medieval Dragon Goblet
Medieval Pet Dragon
Dragon Kit
Dragon Head Staff with Orb
Toddler Dragon Rider Costume
Dragon Half Mask
Kids Dragon Cape and Sword Set
Black Dragon Wings
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Medieval Dragon Body Chain
Toddler Ride-Along Dragon Costume
Kids Dragon Tail and Mask Kit
Adult Piggyback Dragon Inflatable Costume
Toddler Toothless Costume – How to Train Your Dragon
Toddler Light Fury Costume - How to Train Your Dragon
Kids Dragon Costume

Kids Dragon Costumes

Spirit Halloween has a wide range of exciting kids dragon costumes so your son or daughter can dress up as their favorite creature of legend! Who wouldn’t want to play at being a fire-breathing beast? These fun dress-up dragon outfits for toddlers and babies are the perfect way to make them smile as they make their most menacing sounds. Let their imagination roam as they light up the night with a Glow in the Dark Orb Dragon Staff. A Toddler Dragon Rider Costumes brings their beloved animal into 3D, so they can run around and impress everyone with fire leaping out of its jaw. Even the littles kids will look adorable for their first Halloween (or second) in a baby dragon costume complete with wings and hood.

Adult Dragon Costumes

Dragons aren’t just for kids! Spirit has adult dragon costumes that let anyone dress up as one of these exciting mythical beings. Put on a dragon latex mask and get ready to breathe fire! Pair it with black dragon wings that lend the perfect touch. You can dress up alongside your kids for a matching look or simply be your own powerful dragon.