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Adult '20s Gold and Black Jacket
Adult '20s Gold and Black Plus Size Jacket
Flapper Costume Kit
Adult Black Beaded Flapper Dress
Adult Burgundy Beaded Flapper Dress
Adult Gangster Dress Costume
Adult Red Sequin Flapper Dress
Adult Gangster Suit Costume
Gangster Vest
Plus Size Gangster Vest
Adult Gangster Suit Plus Size Costume
Dapper Gentleman '20s Costume Kit
Adult '20s Plus Size Dapper Gentleman Costume Kit
Adult White '20s Mobster Suit
Adult '20s Multicolored Jacket
Adult 1920s Deco Suit Jacket
Adult Roaring 20s Costume
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Faux Feather Boa
Faux Pearl Necklace

1920s Costumes

Think you’ve got the moxie to dress up in a 1920s costume for Halloween this year? Put on your best flapper dress or gangster suit and have a night out on the town. In the roaring twenties, everyone lived to go to speakeasies to get their fix because of Prohibition, so a 1920s-themed party will definitely be the bee’s knees! Little girls and women can dress up in slinky flapper dresses that will look amazing as you do the lindy hop, tango or waltz. Put on a blonde or black flapper wig for extra style. Go for the glam with a vintage-looking faux diamond necklace and a faux fur shawl to look like you’re the hottest dame in the room. Guys, jazz up your dashing suit with a 1920s accessories like a fake gag cigar or red and black bow tie. To be a total gangster straight out of this daring decade, strap on a fake gun and holster so everyone knows not to mess with you.

1920s Outfits

Even if you’re just attending any ordinary Halloween party, everyone will know who’s the boss when you show up in your roaring 20s costume and steal the show. Don’t forget to accessorize your flapper costume with a feathered boa and headpiece or a gangster hat and mustache to intimidate those other fellas. There’s something extra alluring about these retro Jazz Age looks that took getting dolled up to a whole new level. Even something like smoking had an element of class when you used a cigarette holder. You can embody this exciting time period as you try out the Charleston or do some marathon dancing. What sets these 20s costumes apart is that when you put them on, you’ll feel transported to these decade of decadence with its speakeasies and bold style (nothing basic allowed!). You may not be able to live up to the standards of Al Capone, but you’ll surely win “Best Costume” in one of these 20s Halloween costumes, old sport!

If you have any questions about which Roaring 20s costume is right for you, ask the costume experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you with your questions about size, fit, material, color and other aspects of dressing up as this popular historical costume. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.