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Girls' Witch Halloween Costumes

Kids Gothic Witch Costume
Kids Midnight Sorceress Costume
Toddler Sparkling Witch Costume
Twilight Sorceress Staff
Kids Basic Witch Costume
Kids Hooded Robe
Kids Mystic Witch Costume
Kids Sequin Witch Costume
Kids Celestial Cape
Kids Coven Witch Costume
Kids Wintery Witch Costume
Kids Whimsical Witch Costume
Kids Emerald Sorceress Costume
Kids Witch Costume - The Signature Collection
Online Only
Kids Scarlet Enchantress Costume
Kids Dark Coven Costume
Kids Coven Academy Hooded Cloak - Deluxe
Kids Darling Witch Costume

Come little children, I'll take thee away into a land of enchantment.  Not all witches have warts and pointy noses, some are stylish and sassy.  Good thing for you Spirit Halloween offers both.  Whether you want to stand by the cauldron, green faced, chanting spells in a Gothic With Costume or prefer to look a little cuter in our pink and black withch costume, we can help.  Grab you witch hat and broom and work your magic to make this the best Halloween ever.