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Clock Tower

2.5 Ft Grim Graven Angel Animatronics - Decorations
19 Inch Fogging Pumpkins - Decorations
2 Ft Grave Grabber Doll Animatronics - Decorations
12 Inch Attack Spider Animatronics - Decorations

Decorate your home to a creepy theme that we are featuring in stores! Grab your clock tower Halloween decorations and make your home as eerie as possible! Start with our crazy animatronics like cerebus or even our new animated gargoyle. Let a scarecrow scare all the neighborhood kids as he swings under the tree. You will even have people screaming with fright when you set up the tombstone that features an arm reaching out suddenly. Don't forget our fogging pumpkins that will set the spooky scene. No matter what theme you are going for at your haunted house, all the items from our clock tower display are featured right here!