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Outdoor Halloween Decorations

12 Inch Light-Up Evil Talking Clown Door Knocker Decoration
3 Ft Black Collapsible Coffin - Decorations
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Pumpkin Door Knocker
Light-Up Scarecrow Door Knocker - Decorations
3 Ft Dark Gray Collapsible Coffin - Decorations
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It's Showtime Wreath - Beetlejuice
6 Ft LED Skeleton Hands Inflatable 2 Pack - Decorations
Michael Myers Tombstone Wreath - Halloween
Green Camo Spider - Decorations
24 Inch Fogging Mummy - Decorations
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Pumpkin String Lights
Wood Fence - Decorations
Jason Voorhees Pathway Markers Decorations - Friday the 13th

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

If you love Halloween as much as we do, we know that you’re going to fill your yard with tons of outdoor Halloween decorations! Luckily for you, Spirit Halloween is the perfect one-stop shop for all outdoor decorations from cute little pumpkins to gargoyles that will give your neighbors the creeps. Whether you want to turn your front yard into the perfect fall harvest or a dark and gloomy graveyard, we’ve got everything you’d ever need to complete the transformation.

Graveyard Outdoor Decorations

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a graveyard right in front of your home! Spirit Halloween has tons of tombstones to choose from so that your homemade graveyard will look truly one of a kind. Fill your yard with the tombstones of all those who lost their lives. Light up tombstones are often motion censored, so they’re sure to give everyone who walks by a scare. One of the creepiest outdoor Halloween decorations is the light up reaper peer over a cross tombstone. Just imagine the look on those trick-or-treater’s faces! These tombstones will definitely keep everyone out, especially when they have a saying like “Death awaits to all who enter here” written across the front. If that doesn’t give ‘em a good scare, then maybe a tombstone with an inverted cross will. Whatever you do, just make sure that you completely fill your yard with as many tombstones as you can for an incredibly realistic graveyard unlike any other.

If you happen to have a little more empty room in your yard, fill up the rest with as many coffins as you can. Some of these frightening graveyard outdoor decorations even open and close on their own. So spooky! Complete your graveyard with a gothic cemetery fence or the gates of hell for added chills. Plus, it’ll help keep all of those ghost, goblins, and ghouls out (or in) your yard.

Inflatable Outdoor Decorations

If you don’t have the time or energy to set up something extravagant, make it easy on yourself and put up an outdoor inflatable Halloween decoration. With quick and easy setup, your yard will be fully decorated for the season. Give your neighbors a good scare with an inflatable grim reaper or 12 foot tall witch decoration. Only the bravest of the brave will knock on your door asking for a treat. Or if you want to keep things for light and inviting, a spinning ghost in a pumpkin will work just fine. If you want to create an instant graveyard without all the work, we’ve got an inflatable for that, too! Light up tombstone inflatables will almost instantly turn your average neighborhood home into a place that not even the reaper will want to go. Inflatable outdoor decorations give you the option of turning your home into a happy Halloween haven or something much more sinister.

Zombie Outdoor Decorations

Light up the walkway to your haunted house with Halloween lights. Zombie arm pathway markers are a little grotesque, but perfectly fitting for any zombie-themed yard. Imagine walking up to a house that has severed arms holding up lanterns? It doesn’t get much creepier than that! To really turn up the terror, lay a smoking zombie on the ground that sends fog out of its gnarled teeth for added effect. You can easily cover up the hose and other wires with leaves. This will also help blend the gaseous ghoul in with the rest of the landscaping so he will be a complete surprise to people walking by.

Gargoyle Outdoor Decorations

Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

If you have any questions about any of our outdoor Halloween decor or any of our other Halloween decorations, please contact the costume experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.