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Horror Adult Halloween Costumes

Adult Pennywise Costume - It
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Adult Dammy the Clown Costume
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Adult Magic Voodoo Costume
Adult Voodoo Dolly Costume
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Adult Ghostly Bride Costume
Adult Darling Spellcaster Costume
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Adult Evil Clown Costume
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Adult Dark Ringmaster Costume
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Scary Halloween Costumes 2018

Halloween is so fun, it’s scary! If you’re ready to show off your blood and guts, we’ve got the best 2018 Halloween costumes for you! From scary clowns to famous movie monsters, Spirit Halloween has everything you need to freak out the town!

Men’s Scary Halloween Costumes

If your goal this Halloween is to win scariest costume to every Halloween party, you’ve come to the right place. We have the scariest Halloween costumes for 2018, and it’s up to you to put them to good use! Dress up as a zombie, and start your hunt for fresh flesh. Or, abduct some humans and take them to your leader when you dress up as an alien!

If you love horror movies, Halloween 2018 is the perfect opportunity to dress up as your favorite scary movie character! Come alive in everyone’s nightmares when you dress up at Freddy Krueger, or magically appear when someone mentions your name three times! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Scary costumes are the best types of costumes! You can add blood to them, special FX appliance and more in order to create a gruesome look that is unlike the rest! Let your imagination take control and you’ll be ready for a spooky Halloween in no time at all!

Women’s Scary Halloween Costumes

Alright, ladies, it’s time to get scary! Show off your spooky side this Halloween when you find the perfect scary Halloween costume for you! It’s okay to be a little witchy sometimes, especially on Halloween! A scary witch costume will allow you to cast spells and cook up your favorite witches brew! If you’re looking for something scary with a hint of sexy, try one of our women’s vampire costumes, or dress in something red hot when you slip into a devil costume!

Creepy dolls will always be scary! Dress yourself up like the doll that you are and watch everyone cringe with terror! Add some terrifying makeup and you’ll be a real terror! You can also be a part of the living dead when you dress up as a zombie! If you want to create a character, you can dress as a zombie school girl or a zombie bride! If zombies aren’t quite your thing, you can just wake from preservation and dress as a zombie. That’s a wrap!

Scary Clown Costumes

No one will be expecting a joke from you this Halloween! Invite everyone to the twisted circus, or the horrifying freak show when you dress up as a scary clown! Our 2018 scary clown costumes will make everyone scream with terror! Some carnivals might be bright and cheerful, but the one you came from definitely wasn’t! You’ll be the talk of the town, and the highlight of the Halloween party. Maybe you’ll win scariest costume, or simply just spend the night clownin’ around!