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Flapper Costumes and Dresses

Travel back to the 1920’s in our authentic-looking flapper costumes and dresses! These glamorous Roaring Twenties outfits are part of our wide assortment of women’s Halloween costumes. They’ll look perfect at any Gatsby-era party or for Halloween when you want to add some of the glitz and glamour of this dance-filled decade.

Where can I find flapper costumes?

You can find affordable, authentic-looking 1920’s flapper costumes right here at Spirit Halloween. We have plenty of choices for you that will have you looking like you stepped right out of the Roaring Twenties. These dresses come with matching headbands and can be accessorized with stylish stockings and accessories so you stand out from the crowd. From red and black flapper dresses to the dazzling blue of the Downtown Doll costume, which has glamourous accents at the chest and fringe at the bottom.

The red and black Dames Like Us flapper costume is sparkly enough to make you feel like a superstar and comes with a black feathered headband. The great thing about these flapper dresses and outfits is that you can wear them for Halloween, a 1920’s- or Gatsby-themed costume party or any time you want to amp up your style and rock something a little out of the ordinary. In addition to dresses in the classic style popularized by women like Zelda Fitzgerald, we also have a Heist Hottie Gangster Costume with a cropped shirt, high-waisted pants, tie, suspenders and a bag with a dollar symbol on it.

What’s a flapper dress?

A flapper dress is one that’s sleeveless, often beaded and fringed, short and slinky, based on the popular style from the Roaring Twenties in the United States. The reason they’re called flapper dresses is that the popular dances women did in that era, especially the Charleston, involved them moving their arms in a way that resembled “flapping.” Flapper dresses show off plenty of skin with low-cut necklines and short hemlines, while the torso remains covered. These dresses were worn at speakeasies as well as dance halls as part of the decadent nightlife of the era. Their fun adornments immediately showcase how fun this type of attire is, and by extension, how much fun you’ll have wearing it.

Flapper dresses were used to accentuate the boyish shape popular in the 1920’s. Women were gaining more independence and enjoyed going to dances, drinking, smoking and generally having a good time, so their outfits reflected that joyous spirit. These clearly aren’t dresses you’d wear to work. They’re captivating and a little flashy, perfect for shimmying around the dance floor. With their slightly loose but alluring fit, there’s room to move around, while this style flatters your figure. Paired with accessories like a boa, stockings, heels and cigarette holder, they evoke a sensual beauty that will make you look like you’ve been transported straight from the past.

How do I dress like a flapper?

Flappers of the 1920’s were known for a very specific fashion style. Wearing an authentic looking flapper dress from Spirit Halloween will capture the fun-loving historical time period. Whether you’re looking for a shiny sequin dress that’s sure to dazzle or a slinky sophisticated lady costume that’s pure speakeasy style, we’ve got you covered. Flappers often sported very short hair, boyish figures, jewelry and relished showing off their legs when they danced.

In addition to the dresses, they also wore headpieces, gloves and stockings for an overall picture of glam beauty, perfect for living it up in the evenings. If you want to look gorgeous, sexy and fashionable in costume, a flapper dress is the perfect outfit. You can get inspiration by looking at some of the famous flappers of the era like Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Coco Chanel, Josephine Baker and others. Add your own jewelry or our faux white pearl necklace for some extra flair, and style your hair and makeup to play up the sensual look from this popular time in history.

If you have any questions about the sizing, fit, material or anything else about our flapper costumes, we’re here to assist you so you can have the 1920’s outfit of your dreams. You can reach the Spirit Halloween costume experts in our Customer Service department by calling 866-586-0155 or clicking the “Help” button above. We also carry a wide assortment of accessories, including boas, headbands and shoes, to give your costume the perfect finishing touches, along with gangster costumes if you want to go for a historical group or couple costume.