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Fairies & Princesses Adult Halloween Costumes

Adult Adorable Alice In Wonderland Costume
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Adult Jasmine Costume - Aladdin
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Adult Belle Blue Dress Costume – Beauty and The Beast
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Adult Princess Zelda Costume Deluxe - The Legend of Zelda
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Princess Costumes

Every girl dreams of being a princess! How great would it be to be treated like pure royalty, even if it was only for one night? Halloween is the perfect time for you to dress up in a princess costume and feel like a princess for a night. Whether you want to become a Disney classic, or you want to create your very own persona, Spirit Halloween has all the adult princess costumes you’ll ever need!

Dress up as your favorite Disney princess with an officially licensed Belle costume, or become Cinderella for the night, just don’t forget your midnight curfew! Hang out with the Seven Dwarfs in a Snow White princess costume, or swim through the sea as Ariel! Once you find the perfect princess costume and put your imagination to use, you’ll be feeling like a real-life princess instantly!

Fairy Costumes

 Turn yourself into a small human with magical powers when you dress up in a fairy costume this Halloween! Get your pixie dust ready and you’ll be the talk of the town! Fly from house to house collecting candy or show off your magic at the next party. Make sure to top off all of your fairy costumes with beautiful wings so you can travel wherever you’d like in ample time!

Which magical character will you be this Halloween? Browse our wide variety of princess costumes and fairy costumes for the perfect look!