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Fake Beards, Moustaches & Facial Hair

Lumberjack Brown Beard
Dark Brown Beard
Black Adhesive Mustache 4 Pack
Prisoner Mustache and Beard
Black Unibrow
70s Black Afro Wig With Mustache
Green Moustaches 4 Pack
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Beards and Facial Hair

Maybe you don’t have the time to grow your own facial hair in time for Halloween, or maybe you can’t or just don’t want to--but that shouldn’t stop you from rocking a full beard with your costume! Here at Spirit, we have an awesome selection of fake beards and mustaches that are perfect for completing your facial hair-required costume. And with easy adhesive backing, a lot of our mustaches can be applied and removed in a snap, without any mess or hassle! So if you’re ready to dive into the world of beards and facial hair this season, then you’ll be happy to know that Spirit Halloween has facial hair for all of your costume needs.

You could be as adventurous as a pirate with a long black beard, or as sneaky as a thief with a villainous mustache. Our fun and colorful mustache packs are perfect for color-specific costumes, and you could even show off your patriotic side with an all-white Uncle Sam mustache and beard! No matter what costume you’re trying to complete, there are plenty of reasons to wear fake facial hair for Halloween. And from pirates and adventurers to dramatic villains, there’s a beard for every occasion! You could even rock a handlebar mustache to take your steampunk costume to the next level! So if you’re ready to take on the party in style, then complete your costume with the coolest beard or mustache around when you shop fake facial hair from Spirit Halloween.

And if you plan on wearing your facial hair multiple times, then some of our longer beards may require special attention when cleaning. Much like our costume wigs, this can be done by hand washing the beards with cool water and mild shampoo. You don’t want to expose the synthetic fibers to heat, so make sure to just let the beard air dry afterward. Once the beard has dried, feel free to lightly brush it out and style it as you need. This allows your beard to live its longest, fullest life and looking its best each time you wear it. But be careful: if you wear it too much, your friends may start to think that you actually grew it yourself!

There’s a beard or mustache that’s perfect for almost any costume--and you can find them all right here at Spirit Halloween! From suave and sophisticated to downright silly, facial hair can drastically change the tone of your costume--so you’ll be able to make waves at whichever party you go to. The possibilities are endless when you shop Spirit’s collection of fake beards and mustaches, so feel free to shop around and find the one that’s perfect for your costume. And make sure to check out the rest of our awesome makeup selection and costume accessories while you’re here!