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Find every character you’ve ever wanted right here at Spirit Halloween. When you shop for costumes by character, you get to see all the costume ideas you love right in one place. Looking to get tons of laughs as you walked into the room? We've got funny clown costumes galore! Come out at night in your vampire costume to get all of the best candy. Fly around on your broomstick in one of our witch Halloween costumes and other adult character costumes. If you want to keep Halloween classic, check out our zombie Halloween costumes, flapper Halloween costumes, and more! No matter what type of costume you’re looking for, you can always find it at Spirit Halloween!

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Not sure what you want to be for Halloween this year? Shop our costumes by character and browse Spirit Halloween’s collection of classic and trendy costumes with ease!

Clown Costumes

Nothing can stop you from walking into the party and getting your friends wet with a squirting flower! In one of our hilarious clown costumes, you’ll get the party started in no time. If funny isn’t quite your style, then a scary clown Halloween costume would be even more fun for you. Chase everyone around in a horrifying clown mask with blood dripping down your face to get their hearts racing.

Vampire Costumes

There’s nothing wrong with going back to the classics this Halloween, either. Find one of our most frightening vampire costumes and put on a pair of sharp fangs to show off your nightmarish ways. Want to take it up a notch? Add a few dribbles of blood falling down your chin so everyone knows not to worry too much about your appetite—you just ate! Make sure to avoid all mirrors, garlic, and sharp stakes at the Halloween party to assure that you have a great time.

Witch Costumes

Brew up something good this October in one of our classic witch costumes. Complete with glamorous details and pointy hat, you’ll have everything you need to fly through the night on your whimsical broomstick. Fear no black cats crossing your path as you go prowling the neighborhood for candy, and let out a blood-curdling cackle to anyone who tries to play a trick on you instead of giving you a treat.

Zombie Costumes

Instead of trying to be the liveliest person at the party, how about being the most undead? Look through our selection of zombie costumes and find the one that speaks to you most. Want the look of someone who died not too long ago? We’ve got that covered. Think the only way to go is by looking like your flesh has been rotting for months on end? We’ve got that, too! All of our zombie costumes at Spirit Halloween look almost authentic with the tattered clothing and blood spatter, but you can make your zombie costume even more realistic with prosthetics to replicate bite wounds that only the most terrifying zombies could make.

Flapper Costumes

Go back to the 1920s and run on over to the speakeasy for your Halloween party in a classy flapper costume. The prohibition may have tried to put a stop to your fun, but nothing will ever be able to stop you from having a good time! Show up side by side with your beau in a gangster costume and everyone will clear the way as you both walk in. Dance the Charleston as your fringed flapper dress moves to the rhythm.