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Lil' Skelly's Backstory

Swinging is Skelly's favorite thing, but he has some demons deep within.

His glowing eyes invite you to play, but don't get too close or you'll become his prey.

He'll hum a tune and then sing a song, inviting you to sing along.

The sweet melody will draw you in, but don't be fooled, Lil' Skelly is filled with sin.

Looking right to left, Skelly swings free, hanging from his childhood tree.

No one knows why Skelly is possessed, but the rumors that circulate are an absolute mess.

His cute little voice and tiny frame have always been his claim to fame,

But his sinister laugh and evil demeanor make you see who Skelly really is much clearer.

Though he may be mean to those passing by, he could also protect his alibis.

So if you are nice, Skelly may be too, but if he doesn't trust you, get out of his view!

His evil insides will come alive, and you'll be lucky if you survive.

Lil' Skelly is a fan favorite! Did you add him to your Halloween décor? Let us know what you think or send us some photos of your Halloween décor scene: spiritblog@spirithalloween.com. *Please note, any photos sent in may be used in future posts. Full names will never be made public.