Classic Halloween Costumes

Keep your Halloween classic with simply classic Halloween costumes! You can take these classic costumes and make them your own in no time at all! Here are a few of our favorite classic Halloween costumes!

1. Witches You can't have Halloween without a witch or two brewing up something special. Grab a broom, a hat and a black cat, and you'll be on your way to Halloween simplicity!

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2. Pirates Argh, Matey! There are many different ways you can dress up as a pirate for Halloween! Grab a sword and a shield, top it off with a head band or a hat and you'll be ready for all the Halloween fun.

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3. Cowboys and Indians Cowboys and Indians are classic costumes that will never, ever get old! They're perfect for group and couple costumes and can be assembled many different ways for originality.

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4. Animals If you're looking for a way to stay comfortable and dress up animal costumes is the way to go. Throw on some ears, a tail and bit of face makeup and you'll be the coolest cat Halloween ever did see! Experiment with animal accessories to create some of the most original animal costumes.

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5. Clowns No need to learn how to create balloon animals or tell silly jokes! This classic Halloween costume will never, ever go out of style. Get your red nose and your big shoes ready!

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6. Vampires What's Halloween without a few blood-hungry beasts? If you're looking to be a classic vamp for Halloween, we've got you covered; grab some fake blood and fake fangs for a bold, bloody look.

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7. Ghosts and Ghouls Boo! Grab your white sheets, and get ready to spook the streets this Halloween! The paranormal is a creepy thing and Halloween wouldn't exist without it!

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If you are interested in seeing more of Spirit Halloween's classic Halloween costumes visit Remember, on Halloween the options are endless!