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Costume Swords & Knives

Gothic Medieval Sword
Light-Up Power Players Power Sword with Sound
Icing Death Sword - Dungeons & Dragons
Twinkle Sword - Dungeons & Dragons
Heartseeker Bow and Arrows - Dungeons & Dragons
Starlight Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts
Wonder Woman Movie Sword
Voodoo Chucky Knife - Child's Play
Vampire Slayer Crossbow
Vampire Slayer Stake
Bleeding Machete
Morphing Ninja Star
Antique Roman Sword
Oversized Screwdriver
Snake Staff and Sword
Royal Knight Sword
Blood Spattered Aluminum Bat
Hand Saw
Skull Dagger
Bleeding Butcher Knife
Policeman Club
Splicer Hook - BioShock
Executioner Blade - Naruto
Pirate Sword