So Much Fun It's Scary!®

Costume Jewelry

Ghost Face ® Choker Necklace
Rena Rouge Necklace - Miraculous Ladybug
Vampire Blood Vial Earrings
Spider Hand Chain
Maggot Arm Cuff - Corpse Bride
Unholy Baphomet Necklace
Freddy Krueger Choker Necklace - A Nightmare on Elm Street
Witchy Keychain
Baphomet Earrings
Skeleton Finger Armor Ring
Vampire Tear Drop Earrings
Fortune Teller Bracelet and Rings Set
Starburst Angel Headband
Plague Doctor Pomander Necklace
Pentagram Chain Choker Necklace
Faux Pearl Necklace
Fortune Teller Head Chain
Fortune Teller Coin and Bead Necklace