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Are you a fan of projects and original ideas? Then you’re going to love our How-Tos & DIY section! Maybe you can’t find exactly what you want at the store, or you know you can make it even better yourself–either way, we’ve got some awesome tips and tricks that will help save you some time! Our tutorials and guides are quick and easy to follow, and we’ve got them for every occasion! Our How-Tos and DIYs from our Spirit blog are perfect for anyone looking to create and learn new things–so what’re you waiting for?! Let’s get started!

How to Throw a Holiday Whobilation: Grinch-Themed Christmas Party

By |2019-12-05T16:57:06-05:00December 1st, 2019|Fun Holiday Ideas, How Tos & DIY, TV shows, Movies & Gaming|

A Holiday Whoobie-Whaty? You may not actually be a resident of Whoville, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a party like one! Dress up, deck the halls, and get ready for the holiday season. Follow these tips to make […]

How to Use a Fog Machine and More Commonly Asked Questions

By |2019-08-28T11:13:14-04:00August 12th, 2019|Halloween Decorating Ideas, Halloween Ideas, How Tos & DIY|

How to Use a Fog Machine for Your Scary Halloween Decorations

The Halloween experts at Spirit Halloween are here to educate you on how to use a fog machine indoors or outdoors, so you can scare your neighbors […]

Creepster Easter: How to Create Your Own Creepy Easter Bunny

By |2019-08-28T11:01:45-04:00April 1st, 2019|Fun Holiday Ideas, How Tos & DIY|

Ah, yes. Winter has come and gone, and it’s that time of year again: the season of wearing your Sunday best, eating pastel-covered chocolates, and taking pictures with a stranger who’s wearing a full-body rabbit suit. Sure, some people may […]

#MakeupMonday: Billy Butcherson Makeup Tutorial

By |2018-12-20T10:19:11-05:00October 29th, 2018|How Tos & DIY, Makeup Tutorials|

No Hocus Pocus costume is complete without makeup that does your favorite characters justice. Beauty Influencer Courtney Little (@clittlecosmetics) will give you the rundown on how to use both cream makeup and grease makeup and […]

Halloween Decorating on a Budget

By |2019-08-27T16:14:55-04:00October 23rd, 2018|Halloween Decorating Ideas, Halloween Ideas, How Tos & DIY, Uncategorized|

If you love everything about Halloween and are celebrating on a budget, Spirit’s affordable Halloween decorations let you get totally festive without breaking the bank. Maybe you’re adorning your apartment or getting the whole family involved by turning your house […]